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10 Yellow Eyeshadow Looks That Are On-Trend and Wearable

woman wearing yellow eyeshadow liner

Yellow eyeshadow might be something you’ve never attempted to wear, but this bright and sunny hue has become one of the most popular shades lately. We’ve been seeing yellow eyeshadow look everywhere, from celebrities on the red carpet to beauty mavens on Instagram. But how exactly should you execute a yellow eyeshadow look?

One of the most common misconceptions about yellow is that it’s a hard color to wear. However, yellow is incredibly versatile and suits all skin tones, which is even more of a reason to test it out. There are so many shades to choose from that yellow truly looks fantastic on everyone. If you have fair skin, try a light pastel yellow on the cooler side; for olive skin, golden yellow and marigold tones look stunning, along with honey. For darker skin tones, almost any shade of yellow will do, which is all the more reason to dive deep into your makeup drawer to find the perfect one. From soft to neon, the possibilities are endless.

Keep scrolling for some yellow eyeshadow looks you’re sure to love just as much as we do.

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Touch of Sunshine

Sadie Sink wears yellow eyeshadow at the Prada Spring 2020 show

Yellow doesn’t need to be bold. Wearing it on your lids in a delicate way is perfect for anyone who wants to try it out or tends to gravitate towards more natural eyeshadow and makeup looks. To recreate this, swipe a long-wearing yellow shadow on the lids, and you’re quite literally golden.

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Sunflower Vibes

Close-up of a sunflower yellow eyeshadow look

Similar to the shade of a sunflower, this eyeshadow look proves that you can be as creative as you like when wearing yellow eyeshadow—there truly are no rules when it comes to makeup. Neutral and earthy tones on the lids merge with a pop of yellow under the brow bone for a memorable result.

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Sweet Summer

Makeup artist Christine Kim wears a yellow eyeshadow look

With lids as beautiful as a golden summer sunset, this yellow eyeshadow look is a great example of how monochromatic lids paired with abstract liner can create something unique. Apply eyeshadow first all over the lids, then follow up with liquid yellow eyeliner near the crease to create any abstract detail you wish.

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Shimmering Sunlight

Model wears a glowy makeup look featuring yellow eyeshadow

Yellow doesn’t only have to be worn on the lids, meaning this color gets more versatile the more you experiment with it. Mixing yellow hues and gold-toned shadows is ideal when recreating his watercolor look.

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Marigold Mix

This look shows how yellow on top and a jewel-toned hue on the bottom can create some serious inspiration for your next yellow eyeshadow look. Lightly blend shadow all the way to the brow bone with your eyeshadow brush, adding more color as you go until you’re happy with the outcome. Then, apply the shadow or eyeliner color of your choice on the bottom lash line for maximum effect. Be sure to shape your brows and finish with your favorite mascara.

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Inner Beauty

Model wears yellow eyeshadow look with lashes and lined lips

Applying yellow eyeshadow in the inner corners of the eyes brightens up your makeup and allows room for other hues across your lid if contrast is what you’re looking to create. Blend the shadow in the inner corners using a small eyeshadow brush to ensure it looks even before moving on to your crease color.

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Lemon Pop

Model wears lemon yellow eyeshadow and glossy lips

Bright, bold yellow looks just as fun on as it is to apply. This shadow look shows how you can wear it all over your eyes without it looking overpowering. Make yellow your new neutral alongside some sharp winged liner, and finish with a few coats of your favorite volumizing mascara to set the look.

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Dandelion Dreams

Model wears dandelion yellow eyeshadow with eyeliner and red lipstick

Liquid liner and yellow eyeshadow make a dynamic duo for this look; the contrast between them accentuates the eyes in the best way possible. Apply a dandelion-colored shadow generously to the brow bone and finish with a tight liquid liner on the top lash line. If you’re feeling adventurous, turn the liquid liner into a cat eye for something a tad more dramatic.

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Lemon-Lime Sorbet

Katie Jane Hughes wears yellow eyeshadow and holds a yellow rose

Yellow varies on the color scale from deep golden tones to soft, lighter shades. Reminiscent of a sheer lemon sorbet color, this shadow is stunning, and we love how makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes blended it with orange and green shades for an effortless gradient. Whether you choose a cream eyeshadow or powder, use a shadow primer before application on the lids to ensure your shadow stays in place all day without creasing.

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Buzzing Bee

Joey King wears a yellow eyeshadow look with liquid eyeliner

Layering yellow eyeshadow on top of eyeliner for a double liner effect shows how you can implement yellow easily for a fun makeup look. Apply your liquid liner (you can also use a gel or pencil) first, and follow up with the yellow on top, following the same line and shape.

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