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11 Surprisingly Easy Bold Makeup Looks You Can Create on Your Own

bella hadid wearing bold eyeliner look

Surely you’ve scrolled through Instagram more than once only to find different makeup looks that inspire you, yet have felt a bit stumped on how to re-create them yourself. Makeup can immediately give us the itch to try all new sorts of things, from punchy eye looks to brighter, bolder lips, but the question remains, is it as easy as it appears? Anything worth learning takes a little practice, so we’ve rounded up some stress-free bold makeup looks that you can easily create yourself—can someone pass the eyeshadow palette, please? Ahead, find 11 surprisingly easy bold makeup looks we know you can master on your own.

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Classic Glam

Bold Makeup Looks Classic Glamour Maya Henry

Winged liner with bold lips is a great place to start when experimenting with bold makeup looks, as it’s a modern twist on a classic look that never goes out of style. Slightly exaggerating your wing on the outer corners of the eyes adds drama, and whether you want to add a bright red lip or opt for a different color, anything goes. Using a liquid liner that has a fine-point tip is ideal for the wing to create the sharp, clean edges.

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It’s All Graphic

Bold Makeup Looks Graphic Liner Gigi Hadid

Thinking outside the box with your eyeliner is a great place to start when wearing a bolder makeup look. This placement here shows that eyeliners don’t always have to take up residency on the lash line. Opt for a graphic liner look in a different color, like white or something brighter if that suits you, and apply a straight line just above the crease for maximum chic makeup. Finish with a few coats of your favorite mascara and prepare for tons of compliments.

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More Glitter, Please

Bold Makeup Looks Glitter

Sparkles, glitter, and shimmer—we say yes to all! This bold eye look gives the best details without a lot of fuss. Adding tasteful amounts of sparkle to the eyes by way of glitter gels, stick-on decals, and more is a great example of elevating your look. The key? Keeping it neat and confined to one area (such as the lid) looks tasteful and beautiful at the same time.

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Orange You Glad it’s This Easy?

Bold Makeup Looks Orange Lipstick Solange

This punchy orange lipstick is beautiful, and an excellent way to show how wearing different lipstick hues can change up your entire look for the better. Not to mention, it’s pretty straightforward to re-create this, as you’re honestly just doing makeup as usual and wearing a brighter lip.

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Under-Smoke of Our Dreams

Bold Makeup Looks Smoky Eye Emily Ratajkowski

Smoky eyes come in several variations, but this look, in particular, focuses on the under-smoke on the bottom lashline, which brings the drama. Pairing chocolate brown and black eyeshadow together give the shadow a luxurious look, and the more you layer the deep shadow under the eyes, the better.

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Glistening Glamour

Bold Makeup Looks Glistening

The glossy eyelids paired with a deep berry-colored lip of this look play off each other in that the tones used on the eyes cheeks and lips are from the same color family, yet each variation is slightly more intense. The dewiness of the glossy eyelids and the richness of the lip color along with highlighted skin creates a gorgeous bold makeup look.

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Cue the Emerald

Bold Makeup Looks Emerald Green Eyeshadow Joey King

Emerald shadow in the outer corners of the eyes shows how color can be fun to experiment with but doesn’t need to be worn all over to be most effective. Jewel tones are a great way to enhance eyes and emerald, in particular, can work with nearly every eye color. For this look, apply a neutral eyeshadow to the lids and bring in the depth by placing the jewel-toned shadow of your choice towards the outer crease. This eye tint from Giorgio Armani Beauty gives great color and the applicator can help with perfect placement.

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Sharp Edges

Bold Makeup Looks Sharp Eyeliner Bella Hadid

Take your classic winged liner and give it a whole lot of drama with this eye makeup look, a plot-twist from everyday makeup that’s sure to turn heads no matter the occasion. To create more of a structural look around the eyes, it’s best practice to draw your eyeliner shape out first so you can make sure it’s what you want, and both eyes look consistent. Then, you can fill in the form with liner or shadow, even some glitter if that’s your mood. Breaking it down into simple steps makes it much more comfortable, and you’ll look like a pro.

When in doubt, overdraw the shape you want, then sharpen edges and wipe away any excess with a pointed cotton swab dipped in micellar water or cold cream.


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Color Contrast

Bold Makeup Looks Color Contrast Kylie Jenner

The contrast between two colors on the eyes and lips is ideal when wanting to wear a bold makeup look, and the cool thing about this concept is you can pair together several different color combinations for an endless amount of looks. The bold eyeshadow (featuring its own contrast between green on top and pink on the bottom) accompanied by a glossy lip is playful and chic when worn together.

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Red Hot

Bold Makeup Looks Red Eyeshadow

While most of you might expect to only see red on the lips, it’s an excellent choice when worn as an eyeshadow, especially in a bold form. The blending of this red shadow is perfection and gives us all the inspiration to create smoky eyes with color instead of the standard deep browns, grays, and charcoal hues. Urban Decay’s Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette has an array of these tones to choose from.

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Shockingly Pink

Bold Makeup Looks Pink Lipstick Priyanka Chopra

Take your look from zero to 100 real quick with a bright pink lipstick that will shock them all. We’re obsessed with this lip color and love how well it pairs with an overall natural makeup look. Lining the lips to create the perfect shape is a great way to make sure your lipstick lasts and looks as good as it can throughout the day.



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