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12 Juicy Watermelon Nail Ideas to Wear All Summer Long

Manicure with watermelon pink base, green cuticle "rind", and black dotted seed design

If the arrival of summer has you craving fresh, versatile beauty statements, you’re not alone. From jelly lips to watercolor tears to “linen blonde” hair, this season is full of creative, evocative trends that feel like a cool drink of water. Our manicures are no exception, with the likes of spritz nails and lemonade nails taking over, and now, watermelon nails are joining the party. This trend is pretty much exactly what it sounds like—fun-filled designs inspired by the popular summer fruit, whether through a pink and green color scheme or intricate details. Ready to embrace the watermelon sugar vibes? Ahead, see 12 of our favorite watermelon nails ideas, sure to make you feel refreshed every time you gaze at your mani.

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Watermelon Slices

Translucent pink ombre watermelon nails with black dotted seed design and green cuticle rinds

For an extra sweet moment, pay tribute to the watermelon slices that many of us have enjoyed poolside or at summer barbecues. The translucent pink ombré (created using Gel-X) resembles the fruit’s natural coloring, while black dotted “seeds” and bright green cuticle “rinds” ensure there’s no mistaking your mani’s inspiration.

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Watermelon Blush Nails

Manicure with watermelon pink airbrushed base and lime green French tips

Remember blush nails, the K-beauty-inspired trend that skyrocketed to popularity over the winter? A watermelon color scheme is the perfect way to adapt this glowy radial ombré design for summer. Use blush or pink nail polish to create the base following these instructions, then pair with lime green French tips and a shiny top coat.

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Fruit Basket Mani

Manicure with watermelon and dragonfruit-inspired designs plus lime green, pink, and yellow solid nails

If nothing brings you more joy in the summer than a fresh fruit salad, embrace those vibes on your nails with a design that takes inspiration from multiple warm-weather favorites. This mani pairs dragonfruit and watermelon nail designs with solid lime, fuchsia, and yellow shades, but feel free to adapt the look to feature your fruits of choice. And using at at-home gel nail kit will keep your nails looking great longer.

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Watermelon Gradient French

Pink and green ombre manicure with flipped tip

For this design, nail artist Dayanna I. Sapiens started with a pink base before dabbing on a half-pink, half-green layer with a sponge for a blurred ombré effect, then created a flipped version on the French tips with a green base. The result is mesmerizing and looks a lot more complex than it is.

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Abstract Neon Watermelon

Abstract negative space manicure with watermelon pink and neon green colors

Love a good abstract mani? Try getting your design in watermelon coral and neon green for a vivid, summery effect. Negative space in the middle of each nail keeps the look from feeling too busy.

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Watermelon Floral

Neon green manicure with watermelon pink daisy nail designs

Retro floral manicures spark joy in any color combo, and that includes this version with a neon green base and watermelon pink daisy designs. To make it even more watermelon, try swapping the red centers for black.

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Watermelon Sugar Blush Nails

Manicure with muted watermelon pink blush base and neon green cuticle accents

We have “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles on repeat every summer, and this candied take on the blush version of watermelon nails captures those vibes perfectly. Creating this look is similar to the earlier blush nails, except for moving the neon green “rind” to the cuticle and using a slightly more muted shade of pink.

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Holo Watermelon

Manicure with red holographic sparkle base, green cuticle watermelon "rind", and black seed design

Watermelons usually aren’t sparkly (unless you feel like sprinkling on some edible glitter), but your nails certainly can be. This design uses a juicy red base that lets the sparkles really shine, paired with a dual-layer green and white cuticle rind and carefully placed black seeds for a put-together, unmistakably watermelon mani.

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Garden of Watermelon

You know how mixing patterns feels more cohesive if they have a common color scheme? The same goes for manicures. These watermelon nails put their vivid hot pink and lime green shades to good use, helping solid colors, French tips, and a daisy pattern to coexist seamlessly.

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Peachy Watermelon Accents

Peach-colored manicure with accent watermelon nails with white rind detail

Another take on watermelon nails that leans in a more candied direction, this peachy pink mani makes us think of juice, Jolly Ranchers, and all our favorite treats. The design reserves its watermelons for accent nails, swapping the traditionally green rind for white to create an understated monochrome moment that’s still packed with summer fun.

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Spicy Watermelon Chrome

Coral manicure with chrome finish

Chrome nails often create a futuristic vibe, but on a bright coral base, they feel like the manicure equivalent to spicing up your watermelon with a bit of Tajín. Pair these with a full Barbiecore outfit for a fun summer moment.

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Short Watermelon Sugar Nails

You don’t have to have long nails to rock a dimensional watermelon manicure. This one proves that watermelon sugar blush nails are just as stunning in a shorter, ultra-glossy format, complete with lime green baby French tips.


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