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12 Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Going Through a Hard Time

wellness journal

The holidays are many people’s favorite time of year, but it’s also not unusual for the time of year to surface feelings of stress or loneliness. As you look back on the year behind and look forward to the one ahead, feelings may be weighing down on you, or maybe you’re the support system to someone who hasn’t had it easy this year. The reality is most of us have experienced transitions—good or bad—but utilizing the holidays to uplift someone’s spirits (or your own) is a great way to spark joy even when you’re going through a hard time.

Ahead, we rounded up some of our favorite gifts to give or get to put a smile on someone’s face who may really need it right now.

wellness journal
Papier Joy Wellness Journal $35.00

A new year on the horizon is a new opportunity to check in with your goals, feelings, and plans for the coming months. Writing these down is a chance to release any stress or emotions you’ve been bottling up. The Joy Wellness journal gives its recipient 96 pages of thoughtful prompts, including wellness maps, intention setting, and week’s worth of self-care ideas and gratitude reflection. You can use this undated journal any time of year, so why not start now?

i am everything wellness card deck
I Am & Co. I Am Everything Affirmation Card Deck $15.00

These affirmation cards focus on the self-talk that defines you as a person. Through these cards, you will be reminded of all the good things you are and be encouraged about the great things you can be. Shuffle the aesthetically pleasing deck up and read or recite a card daily for a nod of positivity.

luna weighted blanket
Luna Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket $70.00

Getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging whenever I feel stressed or under the weather. This Luna Cooling Bamboo Weighted blanket is created with thermo-regulated 100% Lyocell bamboo, which feels luxuriously cool and silky smooth as it hugs you to sleep.

brown girl jane gummies
Brown Girl Jane CBD Gumdrop Gelees $42.00

CBD has become the ingredient of choice when it comes to relaxing your mind and muscles, and Brown Girl Jane has all the benefits packed into these gummies. Offering 25mg of CBD per gelee, the brand promises a delicious vegan experience that will help you feel relaxed but not intoxicated. Gift this to the person who could literally use a chill pill.

hatch restore clock
Hatch Restore $129.00

The sun is going down earlier, and the desire to stay in bed longer has kicked into high gear. As a night owl, I have difficulty waking up before the sun, but this Hatch clock promises to make waking up easier for those needing help. The Restore clock offers guided exercise and dreamscapes to help you fall asleep, in addition to gradual sunrise light and a selection of sounds to rouse you gently and help kick-start your day.

vitruvi stone diffuser
Vitruvi Stone Essential Oil Diffuser $123.00

It is commonly known that certain smells can stir up feelings and memories. Through the use of non-toxic air-freshening ingredients, this gift would be a great addition to any home. Each essential oil blend is purposely crafted to evoke a feeling like Slow Dance’s fragrance, which is a blend of fir, cedarwood, and pine to give a grounded, romantic woodsy experience.

theragun mini
Therabody Theragun Mini $199.00

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to reap the benefits of the Theragun Mini. Use it for any achy areas in which you are holding onto tension or need extra love.

smudge self care kit
Smudge Wellness 10 Days of Self Care $120.00

Whether you’re new to setting intentions, using crystals, or an expert, Smudge Wellness offers a gorgeous advent calendar with crystals and mantra cards to help you feel realigned and powerful.

bloomscape gift card
Bloomscape E-Gift Card $50.00

Don’t underestimate the power of a beautiful bouquet—even for the holidays. You can eliminate the hassle (and pressure) of picking out a floral arrangement your loved one wants by sending them an E-gift card to pick out on their own.

parachute gauze blanket
Parachute Cloud Linen Gauze Bed Blanket $189.00

Few things are better than decorating your bed with a new blanket and cozying up in it during the holiday break. No matter what you’re going through, this one will be a nice visual touch to your space and your relaxing mood.

barefoot dreams robe
Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Ribbed Hooded Robe $158.00

Wrapping this robe around on a chilly winter evening is the closest thing to a hug you’ll have hanging in your closet. It also has an oversized plush hood to further capitalize on the cozy vibes.

j.r. watkins bath and shower tablets
J.R. Watkins Love Bath & Shower Aromatherapy Tablets $15.00

These teeny tablets are the perfect stocking stuffer for someone who needs a boost of relaxation. Drop one into a steamy bath or shower to unlock a soothing aroma. Take a few deep inhales and exhales while you shower to bring a little bit of a spa day to your bathroom.


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