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13 Blue Eyeliner Looks That Pack a Chic, Colorful Punch

Close up of a woman wearing blue eyeliner

There’s no easier way to get yourself out of an eye makeup rut than with a bold new shade of eyeliner. It can take a while to master a cut crease or get comfortable with dramatic falsies, but with a simple flick of the wrist, you can completely transform your makeup look.

And when it comes to bold eyeliner, shades of blue—from icy turquoise to electric cobalt—should be on your radar. Not sure how to incorporate the hue into your routine? We’ve got you covered. Read on for a gallery of 13 of our favorite blue eyeliner looks, along with tips on how to re-create them.

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Pastel Palette

A young woman wearing pastel blue eyeshadow

Apply pastel blue liner in a wing on the tops of the lids for instant gratification. The bright color gives this classic eyeliner shape a subtly modern twist.

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Under is Better

Singer Halsey wearing blue eyeshadow on the bottom lashline

Simplify your eyeliner look by swiping a bold aqua blue hue under your eyes to create a statement. This is quite an easy look to replicate, and it gives beautiful color within a matter of seconds. Find a blue that’s flattering to your complexion and simply apply the liner to the bottom lashline for a statement look.

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Cool Colbalt

Frankie Miles in cobalt blue eyeliner

Cobalt blue eyeliner is positively electric. While a classic winged liner look is what you see here, there are several ways you can play with cobalt blue liner to make it stand out even more. Experiment with lining the top and bottom lash line with this electric color, then follow up with a few coats of your favorite waterproof mascara.

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Make a Statement

Model Betty Bachz in graphic blue and black eyeliner

This abstract winged liner look is perfect for the days you’re feeling extra bold and creative. You can achieve it by using a blue liner in the format of your choice, then trace around the liner with a liquid formula, dramatizing the shape.

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Minimal Blues

Actor Tati Gabrielle in blue eyeliner

Just because you’re wearing blue liner doesn’t mean you have to go bright and bold. There are several ways you can rock the hue and stay in your comfort zone. This pastel blue liner applied to the bottom waterline is an excellent example of how the tiniest bit of color can emphasize your features without stealing the spotlight.

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Chic Shapes

Byrdie senior social media editor Star Donaldson in graphic turquoise eyeliner

Get imaginative and apply your liner in chic, abstract shapes, as seen in the look above. You can trace the liner along your lash line and bring it up into the crease for a modern approach to eyeliner that looks gorgeous any day of the week.

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Smoky Blue Wings

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes in smoky blue eyeliner

Create a winged blue eyeliner shape and smoke it out to your heart’s content for an eye look that packs a punch. If you need some extra help getting clean lines for your wings, apply some tape to the outer corners in an upward position and use the edges as a guide when applying and blending out your liner. Remove the tape to reveal a perfect line with smooth edges.

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Hint of Blue

Barbie Ferreira in blue eyeshadow

A thin and delicate pastel blue line on top of the lids is perfection/ If you’re a color minimalist who is not ready to commit to bolder blue tones, this eyeliner look is ideal for your next Sunday funday.

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Swipe It Blue

Byrdie senior social media editor Star Donaldson in blue eyeliner

Swipe a thick line of blue liner on your top lids and never look back. This is the quickest way to make a statement that looks great no matter the occasion. Whether you’re using an eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow to re-create this one, apply an eyeshadow primer to the eyelids first to ensure that the liner stays in place all day with minimal creasing.

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Ice, Ice Baby

Lily Collins in icy blue eyeliner

This icy blue eyeliner is applied in a thick wing shape, taking over the eyelid, while the lashes look thick and voluminous. To emulate this look yourself, you can use eyeliner to trace and draw your wing shape, then simply fill it in for maximum effect.

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Just The Corners

Agustina Panzoni in blue eyeliner

For a minimal eyeliner look that still packs a powerful punch, apply bright blue liner to the outer corners of the top lids only. This technique creates a colorful finish that isn’t overpowering and can be done quite quickly if you’re under a time constraint.

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Hot Hues

A woman in orange and blue eyeliner

Neon orange and blue make for a stunning color combination. We love how this dramatic eye look is paired with a beautiful neutral lip—really letting the eyes take the spotlight.

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All Over Blue

Actor Yara Shahidi in metallic blue eyeliner

Applying liner to the lid and blending it up to the crease is a great way to get a complete eye makeup look using just one product. To start, apply the liner to the lids. Then, blend with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, bringing the color into the crease for a gorgeous, detailed liner look.

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