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13 Mismatched Manicure Ideas To Shake Up Your Next Nail Art

Mismatched French tip manicure with smiley, daisy, yin/yang, and cow print designs

Gone are the days where manicures have to be a single pattern, let alone just one color, to be considered fashion-forward. Instead nail enthusiasts in 2023 are finding inspiration in cheerful mismatched nail ideas. Whether it’s a mashup of color-blocked designs or five totally different nails, mismatched manicures undoubtedly make a statement. On TikTok alone, the term “mismatched nail design” has amassed over 2.5 billion views, and unlike many other nail art trends, like glazed donut nails or the milky French manicure, this search term populates thousands of unique manicures, none of which are truly identical. Ultimately, this means that it’s impossible to mess up a mismatched manicure—even if you DIY. Interested in giving the eye-catching nail polish trend a whirl? Keep reading to uncover over a dozen mismatched nails ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


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Mismatched Patterned Nails

Manicure with mismatched swirl, dot, and line pattterns

Dots, lines, and abstract shapes are all fair game when it comes to mismatched manicures. Here, you can see how well even the most unexpected color pairings can somehow just work with this nail trend.

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Tortoiseshell Blooms

Manicure with tortoiseshell design on one hand and floral design on the other

While many mismatched nail art ideas feature ultra-bright color pairings, it’s worth mentioning that you can rock the trend while sticking to a more neutral palette, too. Case in point? This fun tortoiseshell design juxtaposed with groovy black-and-white florals.

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Evil Eye Checks

Manicure with white and orange daisy, evil eye, flame, and abstract checkerboard designs

Evil eyes, checkers, flames, and florals make this mismatched mani especially trendy for summer 2023. We particularly like the squiggle edge to the checker nail, giving it an even more abstract allure.

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Mismatch Melt

Manicure with abstract checkerboard, multicolored flame, melting smiley, and sparkle designs

Neons are never not in style for summer, so if you’re looking to heat up your nail look before the season officially hits, you know what to do. Plus, that melting smiley and shimmer nail? We’re swooning!

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Mismatch Pastel Brights

Manicure with abstract, sparkle, zebra print, smiley, cloud, and floral designs

Pastel brights might seem like an oxymoron, but one look at this fun mismatched mani and you’ll get it. Unlike true pastels, the colors in this head-turning nail look have a vivid vibe without being totally in your face. And that green aura nail? Très chic.

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Groovy Mismatch French Tips

French manicure with mismatched colorful abstract designs on tips

If you don’t want to go with a fully different design on each nail, you can opt for the same pattern in different colors to still achieve the mismatched vibe. Just look at how stunning the French tips on this groovy mismatched mani look.

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Mismatch French Tips

French manicure with mismatched daisy, smiley face, yin/yang, rainbow, and cow print designs

Even if you only use the tips of your nails to embrace the mismatched mani trend, the end look will still be put-together and stunning. We love that many of the designs here feel emoji-inspired.

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Mismatch Aura Nails

Aura manicure with mismatched colorful designs

These mismatched aura nails are giving all the mystical vibes, and we’re fully here for it. By using the same color palette throughout, the varying patterns seem to really mesh with each other while still looking mismatched.

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Psychedelic Mismatch

Manicure with mismatched psychedelic designs including eyes, mushrooms, flowers, and rainbows

This mismatched mani has an overarching psychedelic theme but, individually, each nail is different. From the eyes to the bright mushrooms to the wavy rainbows, the harmonious details prove there’s plenty of joy to be found in chaos.

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Mismatch Color Block

Manicure with mismatched multicolored flower and abstract designs

Perhaps our favorite mismatched mani we’ve seen lately, this bright color-block number is giving lava lamp, Matisse, and beach-ready vibes all at once.

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Pastel Mismatch

Manicure with pastel yin/yang, abstract negative space, checkerboard, yin/yang, and dot designs

Here’s further proof that more subdued pastel colors can still have a hint of brightness. The effect is a softer mismatched mani that looks laid-back and fun.

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Vivid Mismatch

Mismatched manicure with brightly colored smiley face, wave, dye, evil eye, and yin/yang designs

Don’t feel like you can’t go full vivid with your mismatched mani. We’re all for mixing bold prints, designs, and hues, and the expressive energy here is to die for (note the face on the pointer finger).

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Neon Coral Standout

Mismatched manicure with flaming 8-ball, butterfly, glitter Nike, coral giraffe, and vivid zebra nails

Coral, orange, and tomato red are some of the hottest colors of 2023, making this mismatched mani showcasing the shade particularly swoon-worthy.


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