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13 Ways to Wear ’60s Fashion Trends Right Now

'60s Fashion Twiggy

Few decades have such lasting impact as the 1960s, especially when it comes to fashion trends. The Swinging Sixties ushered in an era of short hemlines, bold patterns, and unabashed personality, with icons like Twiggy, Donyale Luna, and Audrey Hepburn (among many others) leading the charge. It’s an era that designers continue returning to for runway inspiration because of how that period seamlessly mirrored the surrounding zeitgeist. With the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and Women’s Liberation all underway, cultural shifts were at every turn, and as such, the fashion reflected the times.

If your personal style tends to nod toward the Youthquake energy of ’60s fashion, you’re no doubt familiar with the iconic figures and trends ahead. But even if you’re less familiar and/or simply looking for a few new pieces inspired by the transformative decade, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a brief timeline of ’60s fashion highlights, and shop modern-day interpretations to add a dose of nostalgia to your current wardrobe.

The Miniskirt

'60s Fashion Miniskirt Style on Jane Fonda

1960s fashion trends were all about a short hemline, with miniskirts leading the way. Often paired with a slim turtleneck and chic coat at the time, this wardrobe staple has grown with the decades and is about as versatile as they come.



'60s Fashion Mary Janes on Edie Sedgwick with Andy Warhol

Mary-Jane flats and heels were commonplace through the decade—particularly for the Mod crowd—and lent functionality to footwear while still feeling fun. The classic straps still inspire many shoe designs today, and finding a good pair can be a definitive way to stay stylish during a busy day or night out on the town.


The Shift Dress

'60s Fashion Shift Dress on Celia Hammond

We can’t properly pay homage to ’60s fashion without a nod to the shift dress, as well as its close cousin, the babydoll dress. Breathable and fashion-forward at the same time, these shrunken styles were undoubtedly some of the biggest trends of the time, and remain great staples even today.


Skirt Suit

'60s Fashion Skirt Suit on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

While pantsuits wouldn’t take center stage until the ‘70s, skirt suits were a popular choice in ’60s fashion, particularly with style icons like Jackie O. Many dress codes have relaxed today, but these matching sets still create a put-together look we love.


Bold Earrings

'60s Fashion Bold Earrings on Aretha Franklin

Bold jewelry, often referred to as “pop art jewelry,” was a playful accessory trend in ’60s fashion, with materials like resin coming into focus. Elements of this have stuck around through the decades, and statement earrings remain a solid way to make your look pop.


Leopard Print

'60s Fashion Leopard Print on Elizabeth Taylor

Cheetah and leopard prints were among the most popular patterns of the decade, with women like Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor dressing head-to-toe in the splashy look. In 1966, Bob Dylan wrote a song named Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, compounding the prevalence of the fashion trend. This bold aesthetic has stood the test of time, and today you’ll see it in midi skirts, outerwear, and statement ensembles galore.


The Hippie Look

'60s Fashion Hippie Style on Nina Simone

1960s counterculture was born from protest—war, civil injustice, and other pressing matters spurred social action and a corresponding fashion movement that came to be one of the most iconic periods of dress in all of history. Taking some of their inspiration from traditional Eastern cultures, pieces characteristic of hippie style (tunics, tie-dye, beaded jewelry) often had a colorful, spiritual feel that corresponded with the dawn of a new age.


Tall Boots

'60s Fashion Tall Boots on Brigitte Bardot

Few things feel more ‘60s fashion than a short hemline paired with tall boots—and it looks just as good today as it did then. Perfect for transitional seasons or a night out, these boots never fail to make a statement.


Oversized Sunglasses

'60s Fashion Oversized Sunglasses on Audrey Hepburn

Big, bold sunglasses—oft in round or square shapes—were a major accessory trend of the time. While tinier designs have joined them in today’s fashion, oversized shades remain a great way to add some cool factor to any look.


The Bikini

'60s Fashion Bikini on Jane Birkin

The bikini was technically created in the late ‘40s but it really picked up steam in ’60s fashion, with women like Jane Birkin and Bond girl Ursula Andress putting their stamps of approval on the staple. Today, many brands are offering modern takes on the high-waisted cuts typical of the era’s swimwear, so your options are endless.


White Go-Go Boots

'60s Fashion White Go-Go Boots

Of course, a list of ’60s fashion trends wouldn’t be complete without the go-go boot. Typically white featuring a low heel and mid-calf silhouette, this footwear trend is an icon of the era and translates to modern style quite seamlessly.


Fun Feathers

'60s Fashion Feathers on Janis Joplin

While not as ubiquitous as go-go boots or shift dresses, feathers were a favorite among rock ’n roll ladies of the ‘60s like Janis Joplin and Anita Pallenberg. Whether adorning the trim of a top or swung around the shoulders via boa, this texture was a party staple.



'60s Fashion Tie-Dye at Woodstock

Last but not least, we can’t forget tie-dye prints. Though tie-dye has been around for several centuries and finds its origins in Japan, ‘60s fashion saw a renaissance of the psychedelic print, which swiftly became associated with the hippie culture of the time.


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