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14 Black-Owned Products You Should Spend Your Paychecks On

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The beauty market is crowded but has its fair share of gems from new and existing Black-owned brands. A huge part of our jobs as beauty editors is to test newness from Black-owned brands year-round, beyond Black History Month. Still, February gives us the perfect excuse to sing the praises of the hair, skin, makeup, and style items we love. Ahead, our team shares the Black-owned products we spend our money on. Read on to find your new favorites.


Star Donaldson, senior social media editor

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cee cee's closet exfoliating mits

Ceecee’s Closet

I like a product that doesn’t force me to add more steps to my routine regarding body exfoliation. This African Exfoliating Net from Cece’s Closet is the perfect tool to use when you shower to get off dead skin, improve circulation and scrub yourself clean. I usually add my favorite soap to the net, lather up, and then scrub down my whole body. The net is super long, so you can easily reach your back, and it isn’t super porous, so it dries quicker than a traditional loofah. It lasts up to two years and prevents bacteria build-up because of its structure (but you can still throw it in the wash when necessary). If my praise isn’t enough, this product has gone TikTok viral as well.


alodia hair oil


I don’t use any oils to style my hair, but I always apply them to keep my scalp healthy. Alodia’s is one of my favorite brands and was founded by medical scientist, and trichology practitioner, Dr. Isfahan Chambers Harris, Ph.D. I love the entire line, but the Nourish and Grow Oil is my favorite of the collection. It smells heavenly and has the perfect applicator to get directly to my scalp with zero mess. I apply it after washing, and when my scalp tends to be a bit drier in the winter, I use it thrice a week. It’s formulated with avocado and rosemary oils, which moisturize the hair and scalp while promoting growth. Rosemary is also antimicrobial and can reduce dandruff.


afra beads


Adorning our hair with gems and beads is nothing new. But finding an elevated version of what we wore as kids in the early 90s can be challenging. Enter: Afra, created by NYC-Hair stylist and Nigella Miller. This is the classic hair bead you’ve seen in millions of colorways made of plastic, only the grown-up version. These brass beads are not only incredibly chic but are also made to last. They are incredibly chic and have a decent weight to help hold down any braids or twists they are styled with. I love adding these to updos or the bottom of a braid; they’re the perfect finishing touch.

Jasmine Phillips, social media editor

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Ami Colé Lip Treatment Oil


I’ve said this one million times, but I’ll say it again for the people in the back, I am a lip gloss/oil girl. I’m always searching for products that provide hydration and high shine minus the stickiness. Ami Cole’s lip treatment oil is that girl, and its new shade, “Smitten,” is the perfect pink for my collection. It provides a lovely, subtle hue and keeps my lips nourished and soft. It’s a limited edition shade, so I had to stock up on a few tubes.

danessa myricks yummy skin

Danessa Myricks

I always reach for Danessa Myrick’s Yummy Skin Glow Serum when looking for a little skin boost. It provides a luminous finish and blends into the skin seamlessly. While I typically wear it alone for a dewy complexion, it works great as a glowy primer. It contains skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.

Olivia Hancock, editor

Byrdie Editors Olivia Embed 1
pink lipps kit

Pink Lipps

I wear bright red lipstick usually, but I’ve been trying to switch things up lately. Enter: Pink Lipps’ Kiss Kit in the shade Brown Girl. The kit comes with liquid lipstick and liner, both boasting a beautiful brown-red hue. I experience little-to-no transfer when I wear this lipstick, and it feels super comfortable on my lips.

ami cole brow gel

Ami Cole

My brow hairs can get wild, so I like to hold them in place with Ami Colé’s Ultra-Flex Brow Shaping Gel. It’s made with a cool double-sided spoolie—the shorter bristles can be used for precise looks, while the longer bristles help you achieve fluffy brows. Once I apply this, my brows are locked into place (without feeling crunchy). I also appreciate that this formula uses nourishing ingredients like baobab seed extract, banana peel extract, and hibiscus flower extract to help promote growth.

Aimee Simeon, senior beauty editor

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adwoa deep conditioning treatment


Few things about my wash day routine bring me joy like this deep treatment mask. It’s soothing to the scalp, defining to the curls, and makes my in-shower haircare experience feel extremely luxe. I always keep the full-size tub in my bathroom caddy, and a (generously sized) travel-friendly bottle tucked away for on-the-go.


Rose Ingleton Superfruit Exfoliating tonic-8-aha-solution


It’s hard to pick favorites from Dr. Rose Ingleton’s skincare line, Rose MD—everything is so good. Still, this tonic has been playing favorites with my skin, so I’m partial to it. Dr. Ingleton bottled up brightening ingredients like glycolic acid, licorice root extract, and her bespoke Jamaican superfruit blend, which makes me instantly glowier with one pass. It has improved my skin’s overall brightness and texture with consistent use.

Bella Cacciatore, news editor

Byrdie Editors Bella Embed 4
Bread Beauty Supply Hair Oil


Even though I don’t have curly hair, I still love Bread’s Hair oil for a hit of shine and moisture. It really does hold up on its promise of “like lip gloss for your hair,” leaving it soft and silky every time. The Froot Loop scent is addicting, and the cute packaging always brightens my morning.

Hallie Gould, senior editorial director

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Oui The People Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor
Trying the Sensitive Skin Razor had me practically shouting about Oui the People to anyone in earshot. The razor is an entirely new experience for anyone, like me, who was using a disposable. It’s a weighty, single-blade straight razor that offers the smoothest shave you can possibly imagine. I relish in the extra few minutes it takes because I know the results are outstanding. Post-shave, apply Oui the People’s Featherweight Hydrating Body Gloss for a long-lasting glossy glow.


hanahana body butter


I was first introduced to Hanahana Beauty’s founder, Abena Boamah-Acheampong, on an Instagram live. As she spoke about her brand, I knew I’d love the products. Immediately afterward, I ordered some of my own. All of the products are all-natural and homemade (and I’m not joking when I say you can feel the love mixed into each of them). One of the key ingredients in the line is shea butter, which the brand sources directly from the Katariga Women’s Shea Cooperative in Ghana. It’s a beautiful collection of skin-loving formulas. My favorites lately are the Eucalyptus Shea Body Butter and Exfoliating Body Bar to help soothe my dry, winter skin.”


Eden Stuart, editor

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telfar shopping bag


I have two Telfar shopping bags—a small in black and a medium in gold—and they are, without a doubt, the bags I carry most. The small is perfect for days when I don’t have pockets (it’s perfectly sized for a phone, keys, wallet, and lipstick), and as someone who lives in her over-the-ears headphones, the medium is a fantastic commute bag. If I can continue succeeding with the drops, a large in Painter’s Tape is next on my list.


pat mcgrath labs blush

Pat McGrath Labs

I’m hopelessly devoted to a draping moment, and these Pat McGrath Labs blushes are perhaps the best products for achieving the look. They are super pigmented but also blendable and buildable and come in some of the most vibrant hues on the market. They’re a must-have for anyone who likes a bold makeup moment.


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