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15 Black Influencers To Follow For Beauty and Wellness Inspiration


There nothing like seeing Black excellence on your social feeds. If your Instagram feed doesn’t have enough Black creators filling it, let’s change that. In my experience, following dynamic and positive creators is one of the best things you can do for your mental health. It’s so important to see people who reflect parts of yourself, who inspire you, and who can teach you lessons that you can carry with you offline. Ahead, I’ve rounded up 15 Black influencers who are responsible for some of the best beauty and wellness content out there and deserve all of the praise. Keep scrolling to discover them all.

Whitney Madueke

Whitney Madueke’s account radiates pure Black girl joy. Madueke creates dewy, sparkly, and vibrant beauty looks on her account. Follow her for a contagious smile and soothing beauty AMSR-esque reels.

Jaleesa Jaikaran

Celebrity makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran is a beloved member of our Byrdie family. I have to admit I try to emulate her looks often. Watch her account for stunning editorial makeup looks that are totally wearable.


You may have seen Lesley’s face a lot on the Byrdie Instagram feed. Her account focuses on light, natural beauty looks, and protective styles that are done so well. You’ll be for sure saving her pics to your beauty mood board, for sure.

Sean Garrette 

We stan an esthetician giving out free skincare tips and tricks and Sean Garrette does just that. If his glowy skin doesn’t make you click follow, then his detailed product recommendations will.

Isabelle Ikpeme

I am a huge sucker for colorful and bright makeup looks photographed in perfect golden lighting. Isabelle Ikpeme captures the beauty of melanated skin in sunlight in every photo, and her graphic makeup looks are always perfectly executed. Follow her for endless makeup inspo and your daily dose of vitamin D.

Lakeisha Dale

Lakeisha Dale, owner of MelaSkin Studio, is always sharing skincare tips, dreamy gua sha tutorials, and makeup tricks too. Follow her for good vibes and good advice.


Ever notice a lack of Black hands holding and showcasing products? @Browngirlhands did and decided to dedicate their account to Black hands and beauty aesthetics. Plus, detailed product reviews can always be found in the captions.

Hantise Deloubli

I love creators who are willing to be a little edgy and nuanced with their makeup creations. Hantise Deloubli brings a futuristic vibe to their looks that never fails to inspires me. Follow Deloubli for makeup looks that are out of this world.

Saleam Singleton

Byrdie Boy and skincare advocate Saleam Singleton uses his Instagram to discuss skincare and grooming. Follow Singleton for tips about melanated skincare, easy-replicated routines, and intimate convos that make you feel like you’re talking to an old friend.


I’ve been following Leal for a couple of years now and her account has always kept curl-positivity at the center. What drew me in initially was her dramatic transition from heat damage waves to insanely healthy-looking curls. If you’re on your natural hair journey, let her be your inspiration and cheerleader.

Chizi Duru

If you have 4c hair, turn to Chizi Duru for all your hair needs. The content creator is known for posting helpful hair tutorials, product reviews, and natural hair tips.

Rain Cornelius

Sometimes you just need to see a detailed eye look up close, and that’s exactly what Rain Cornelius delivers. We are constantly re-posting her looks on Byrdie because of the beautifully intricate details of every look.

Tennille Murphy

Going grey is a beautiful and natural process and Tennille Murphy proves it. Her stunning silver curls always capture my attention while scrolling on Instagram. Murphy’s account is not only centered around beauty, but also wellness and sustainability. Follow her for fun tutorials and tons of inspo.


I predict Nawel’s following is going to skyrocket in the coming months. She has the exact aesthetic that is so trendy right now and every look is perfectly executed, from her nails to hair. My advice is to follow now and watch this account soar.

Nia Pettitt

From giving back to communities all over the world to opening her own natural hair salon in London, Nia never ceases to amaze me. When you watch her beauty and wellness content, her positivity and authenticity feel palpable through the screen. Following her will bring light and joy to your Instagram feed.


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