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16 Beauty and Wellness Products Getting Our Fave Celebs Through Summer

Steph Shep, Cynthia Bailey, Shay Mitchell, Chloe Fineman

As a beauty journalist, I’ve had the chance to virtually raid the vanities of some of the most iconic celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, Sofia Carson, and Lana Candor to find out their beauty must-haves each season.

It’s always a pleasant surprise to learn what products celebrities use to keep themselves looking red carpet-ready—even when they’re on summer vacation. While you may expect countless big-ticket-items and products so exclusive you’ve never even heard of them, you’d actually be happy to find just how many celebrity beauty and wellness routines are similar to ours. (See past picks here.)

This summer, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite celebrity-approved products that will help you get in the mood for vacation—even if you’re not leaving the house. Ahead, see what your favorite actors, singers, models, and reality stars have on their beauty counters right now.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens’ secret to glowing all summer is focusing on proper gut health, which is why she incorporates Ritual’s Synbiotic+ ($50) into her daily routine. “It has prebiotics, probiotics, and a postbiotic all in one mint-essence capsule,” the actress explains.

“It’s extremely well researched, contains two of the world’s most clinically studied probiotic strains, and uses a delayed-release capsule designed to help probiotics reach the colon, the ideal place for them to thrive.”

Ritual Synbiotic+ $50.00

Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon understands the importance of sun protection. In addition to the satin-lined baseball caps from her brand, Embellished, she uses her favorite sunscreen, GLO 30 GLO UP Sunscreen & Moisturizer ($50). “I love that it functions as both a sunscreen and a moisturizer. It’s also very light and doesn’t look chalky like most sunscreens,” says the Real Housewives of Potomac star.

Sunscreen & Moisturizer
GLO UP Sunscreen & Moisturizer $50.00

Shay Mitchell 

Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell believes that the right scent can easily put you in a different headspace. That’s why the actress turns to the warm and sultry Delicious Eau De Parfum ($68) from the Cacharel Yes I Am collection. “It’s the perfect blend of cocoa, hazelnut, and zesty green tangerine,” Mitchell says.

Yes I Am Delicious
Cacharel Yes I Am Delicious $68.00

Elle Smith

Elle Smith

When you’re Miss USA, you don’t get many days off. With each busy day, you’re constantly applying pore-clogging foundations that can eventually become too much for your skin. Elle Smith pampers her skin with the SeneGence MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer ($45). “It’s a nice break from heavy foundations,” she explains. “It evens out my skin tone and gives me a flawless, dewy look.”

MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer
SeneGence MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer $45.00

Cynthia Bailey

 Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey admits that if she were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one item, it would be her berry-flavored Lip Glowy Balm ($17) from LANEIGE. “I can’t stand it when my lips are dry and unprotected,” she exclusively tells Byrdie. “My daughter Noelle recently introduced me to this, and I absolutely love it because it hydrates, tints, and lasts.”

Lip Glowy Balm
LANEIGE Lip Glowy Balm $17.00

Shanina Shaik

Shanina Shaik

Shanina Shaik says the Rodial Blush Drops ($50) in the shade Sunset Kiss are a must-have in her summer beauty bag. “The color creates a natural sun-kissed tan on my cheekbones, which I love! You can use the sunset kiss blush drops for morning or night makeup,” the model explains.

Blush Drops
Rodial Blush Drops $50.00

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss

Karlie Kloss doesn’t have much time for self-care because of her hectic schedule that consists of frequent travel, an active lifestyle, and “chasing a toddler.”

That’s why the busy model appreciates the Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots ($899), which allow her to take a break and reset. “I demand a lot from my body. Having an easy way to recharge from anywhere is key,” she tells us.

RecoveryAir JetBoots
Therabody RecoveryAir JetBoots $899.00

Chloe Fineman

Chloe Fineman

Chloe Fineman doesn’t know what she’d do without Tracie Martyn’s Enzyme Exfoliant Mask ($98). “It exfoliates and leaves my skin soft as a baby,” the actress reveals of the mask that deeply cleanses her skin of build-up.

Sometimes, Fineman uses it as an exfoliating face wash, while other times she leaves it on until it dries to reap the full benefits of the product. “I’ll wear it and forget about it until my bodega guy asks, ‘what’s with your face?'” the actress tells us with a chuckle. “The minty blue smell is cooling and calming after a hot day.”

Enzyme Exfoliant Mask
Tracie Martyn Enzyme Exfoliant Mask $98.00

Amy Schumer

When you’re constantly busy, it can be difficult to maintain a certain lifestyle. Amy Schumer uses the Kroma 5-Day Reset ($395) to get back on track. “Taking the decisions out of meals was huge for me while working,” she admits.

5-Day Reset
Kroma Wellness 5-Day Reset $395.00

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco

With the minimalistic look having a major moment, Kaley Cuoco’s love of a glossy, makeup-free look is right on time. She says The Bloss ($26) from Jamie Makeup is a year-round staple for her because it’s the perfect balm and gloss duo for a gleaming pout. She explains, “I keep it in my makeup bag all year, but especially in the summer because I prefer makeup-free with a touch of gloss!”

The Bloss
Jamie Makeup The Bloss $26.00

Steph Shep

Steph Shep

When Steph Shep reaches for beauty products, she likes to ensure that the products are effortless, clean, and unique, which is what drew her to Snif’s Suganami ($65) as the last step in her routine. “I couldn’t be more excited to finally share my best-kept beauty secret!” the businesswoman says with excitement. “Suganami is creamy, earthy, sophisticated, and complex. I’ve been wearing it non-stop for the past year.”

Snif Suganami $65.00

Jonathan Bailey

Jonathan Bailey turns to UpCircle Coffee Oil Facial Serum ($20) for his summer needs. In fact, he considers the deeply hydrating face oil “stonking.” He explains, “Stonking is British for fantastic.”

Coffee Oil Facial Serum
UpCircle Coffee Oil Facial Serum $20.00

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Whether Alicia Keys is going for full glam or a minimal look, she depends on the Gleam On Highlighting Balm ($20) from Keys Soulcare for extra radiance. “It is my must-have for a healthy-looking glow and works when I want to amp up my beauty look, but it’s also great on minimal makeup days for an effortless, radiant glow,” the songstress and entrepreneur says. “I love wearing it!”

Gleam On Highlighting Balm
Keys Soulcare Gleam On Highlighting Balm $20.00

Miranda Kerr 

Miranda Kerr

“I’m obsessed with our new Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser ($42),” Miranda Kerr tells us about the skin-friendly pH gel cleanser from KORA Organics that transforms into a lavish foam to gently remove dirt, oil, and other impurities from her skin. “With antioxidant-rich turmeric, noni, and aloe vera, it’s so soothing. With one wash, my skin feels clean, hydrated, and refreshed. It’s my go-to cleanser for the summer!”

Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser
KORA Organics Turmeric Glow Foaming Cleanser $42.00

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus takes her skincare routine seriously, especially in the summertime. To ensure her skin stays radiant in the hot summer months, the singer turns to the hydrating benefits of Hers’ Clear Waters Facial Cleanser ($15). “Hers’ foam cleanser is smooth and creamy. Its lather leaves my skin feeling dewy and soft no matter how hot it is outside,” she proclaims.

Clear Waters Facial Cleanser
Hers Clear Waters Facial Cleanser $15.00

Ally Maki

Ally Maki

“My absolute must-have this summer is the Monika Blunder Beauty Botanical Balm Hyaluronic Lip Tint ($26),” Ally Maki shares with enthusiasm. “The summer season can dry out my lips, but this product keeps them super moisturized and plumped with hyaluronic acid. Plus, it’s exactly what I need whenever I want to add a little pop of color.”

Botanical Balm Hyaluronic Lip Tint
Monika Blunder Beauty Botanical Balm Hyaluronic Lip Tint $26.00

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