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20 Makeup Looks to Try For Fall—Beyond Just Vampy Lips

Woman with blue eye shadow

Whether it’s bold lips, bushy brows, or eyeliner wings so sharp they could cut (no band-aids needed, we promise)—fall gives us all the reasons to wear versatile makeup looks from simple to sophisticated. Whether you like to keep it simple with mascara and some blush, or a 10-step detailed smoky eye, there’s no reason why you can’t wear anything you want during the crisp fall season. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some fall makeup inspiration that we know you’ll love. Spoiler alert: You’re going to want to wear these looks right away,

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Multi-Colored Lids

Multi-colored eyeshadow is a total win when wanting to wear creative eye makeup and showcase a few of your favorite shadow colors. This eyeshadow look incorporates at least three different hues, yet the inspiration is limitless.

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Berry Sharp

Model with a berry lip, radiant skin, and graphic double winged eyeliner

Berry lips, highlighted skin, and wings so sharp—this look is giving us major fall feels from the lip stain to eyeliner. The liquid liner applied here is so precise and looks beautiful with the softer lip and skin accents.

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Natural Beauty

Fresh, dewy skin with glossy lips and brushed up brows can be perfect for fall makeup when wanting to wear something more natural. Features are softly accented and the skin is seriously glowing—a total win.

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Cat Eye Flick

Model wears simple makeup look with warm blush and cat eye liner

Liquid liner is acceptable all year round and looks stunning in the fall paired with natural lipstick or a bold lip. The wing on this liner gives a sultry cat-eye feel and can easily be worn from day to night on any occasion.

If you can’t seem to master a sharp wing on your own, try using an eyeliner stamp—they do all of the work for you.


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Olive Smoke

Model with olive, gold, and brown toned smoky eyeshadow and brushed brows

A unique twist on a traditional smoky eye, pairing three earth-toned shadows together, brings the element of fall colors into play. The forest green, rust, and gold tones wear well together to create a vibrant, exquisite shadow look.

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Emerald Frame

Model with emerald green eyeshadow smudged at top and bottom lash lines

Frame the eyes with a jewel-toned shadow like this emerald green for a fall eyeshadow look that’s brighter than most. The under-smoke on the bottom lashline really takes this look to the next level, and the dewy skin and soft lip balance everything out. After applying shadow under the eyes, buff concealer into the skin with a brush like Anisa Beauty’s Angled Concealer Brush ($28) for the best results and coverage.

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Mauve Lines

Model with mauve-toned makeup and reverse cat eye liner

Matte, mauve lipstick and delicate liquid eyeliner on the inner corners incorporate fall colors and also a unique way to do eye makeup. Lining the inner corners can define eyes instantly and is much easier than you might think.

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Purple Smoke

Model with vibrant purple smoky eyeshadow and glowing skin

Vivid, rich violet and purple shadow colors create a smoky eye that stands out from the rest. Paired with soft skin and lips, the eyes steal the show and look lovely with any fall clothing palette.

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Bold and Blue

Model with Afro hairstyle wears bright blue eyeshadow and floating liner at crease

Bold colors can work all year round, and this beautiful blue on the lids is a stunning example of that. Keeping bright colors on the eyelid, try sticking to a simple application but with color payoff that looks as if you spent hours mastering it.

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Rose Golden Gleam

Monochromatic makeup featuring rose gold lids and lips bring warm fall tones into play, and we’re here for all of it. The smudged liner around the eyes accentuates shape and eye color without being overly dramatic.

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Power Lip

Model wears minimalist shimmery eyeshadow, blush, and bold red lipstick

Red lips instantly elevate your mood and look without a lot of hard work. Paired with bold brows, some mascara, and highlighter, it’s ideal for any day or night during fall.

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Naturally Defined

Model wears minimal, neutral makeup look with radiant skin

Black eyeliner to define the eyes and some soft highlight on the cheeks creates a great look for any day of the week, and the tiniest pop of highlight in the inner corners of the eyes makes all the difference. Wear the look with soft, neutral lipstick and you’ve just aced an everyday makeup moment that’s lovely for fall.

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Double Wing

Model with braided updo wears berry-toned reverse cat eye and radiant skin

A glowing complexion paired with black and purple winged liner show how layering eyeliners and wing shapes can look seriously appealing. Also, can we please have these perfect eyebrows? For glowing skin, try Armani Beauty’s Neo Nude Foundation ($40) for a lightweight, dewy, and hydrated finish.

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Mod Metallic

Model with silver metallic eyeshadow, black graphic crease liner, and neutral cheeks and lips

Metallic silver eyelids, lots of mascara, and nude lips are exactly what we need for fall. Accent your lids with some black liner to create an abstract shape if you’re in the mood to get creative.

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Bronze Beauty

Model with bronze glowing makeup look and loose curls

Smoky bronze eyes, shimmering glossy lips, and smoky eyeliner have sealed the deal for us as far as fall makeup goes. Want that glowing skin to last all day? Spray Wldkat’s Coconut Water + Noni Fruit Electrolyte Spray ($27) throughout the day to refresh your skin.

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Luxe Liner

Hijabi model wears warm-toned neutral makeup

The eyeliner here is deeply satisfying, blended to perfection, and the peachy-nude shadow and lips are the perfect pairing for a fall makeup look worth wearing on repeat. Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Satin Kajal Liner ($28) is easy to apply and gives long-lasting results.

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Granny Smith Green

Model with metallic apple green eyeshadow and radiant skin

Soft, iridescent green eyeshadow might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to shadow colors, yet mixed with the smallest hint of gold, it can turn out to be a real show-stopper. Peach blush and nude lips set the tone for all the fall makeup inspo.

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Denim Dream

Create a smoky eye with deep denim shadow hues for fall paired with silver shadow as your highlight accent. We love the way this look brightens the eyes and brings beautiful color into play.

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Glitter Play

Model wears silver glitter eyelids, winged liner, and nude lipstick

Glitter eyes make everything fun, and we love the pairing here of plenty of sparkle with liquid liner. Silver is a great color choice when wanting to wear glitter, as it goes with practically everything.

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Raspberry Pout

Marina Ruy Barbosa wears berry lipstick and subtle shimmer eyeshadow

Raspberry lips and muted gray eyeshadow give this all the cool tones it needs to be a winning makeup look for fall.


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