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20 Wedge Haircuts for ’70s Chic Short Hair Inspiration

Ciara wears a curled retro wedge haircut

If you’re looking for an easy-to-style haircut, you might want to ask your stylist for a wedge haircut. Similar to a bob or pixie cut, a wedge haircut is a short, layered haircut with a variety of lengths. Typically, it’s cut very short at the nape of the neck and features longer layers by the face. “At the crown, layers are cut to enhance the curve of the head, creating a buildup of natural volume,” says Justin Toves-Vincilione, hairstylist and Authentic Beauty Concept advocate. “The sides are often cut short and close to the scalp for a uniform look, but this is where we usually see a lot of personalization with the cut.”

The wedge haircut itself is great for all hair types, but specifically for those with fine to medium hair. It creates body and volume and provides a bold yet wearable everyday hairstyle. One thing to note: The cut will need regular maintenance since it’s a precision haircut, so expect to visit your stylist every four to six weeks.

However, the wedge isn’t just any haircut. It was originated a while ago by Trevor Sorbie in 1947 and made popular by Vidal Sassoon. “The inventor of this cut worked closely with Sassoon and was even recognized by the Queen of England for his significance in haircutting,” Toves-Vincilione says. The style became more widely recognized and popular in the 1970s when American figure skater Dorothy Hamill sported the look. “Originally, Hamill wore it as more of a bowl cut,” says Sienree Du, a Mane Addicts stylist. “It has since evolved to feature various short, angled layers that hang above the shoulder.”

Curious to see how the wedge haircut looks on different hair types, or trying to figure out what variation is best for you? Keep reading to see 20 of the best wedge haircuts, complete with advice from expert hairstylists.


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’70s Flair

Winnie Harlow wears a '70s-inspired wedge haircut and purple feathered dress

The ’70s was one of the wedge haircut’s golden eras, and many modern styles continue to reference the decade. Here, Winnie Harlow wears a more popular edition of the ‘do.

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Classic Wedge Cut

Actress Claire Windsor wears a short, classic wedge haircut

One great thing about a wedge haircut is the fact that it works for both curly and straight hair types. While this is a more classic look, it does have a bit of styling done to give it a more textured appearance. “Achieve these looks (or any desired look) by applying the right styling products according to your texture,” Du explains.

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Casual Tousled Style

Lana Condor wears a tousled wedge bob haircut

If you’re looking to completely change up your hair, opt for a more casual, tousled style of wedge haircut. “The comfortable and carefree haircut comes with a bit of an edge,” Toves-Vincilione explains. “The short neckline and built-in volume of this cut are perfect for both low- and high-maintenance styling routines.”

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Edgy and Classic

Naomi Campbell wears a classic wedge cut bob

When you’re working with medium texture, Du recommends asking your stylist for a higher-graduation bob. “It shows a bit of edge while still being classic,” she says.

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Blown-Out Beauty

Karlie Kloss wears a blown-out wedge haircut with side-swept bangs

Beware: While a cut like this one on Karlie Kloss is absolutely gorgeous, it may require moderate at-home styling to keep it in tip-top shape. “This version of a wedge is very short at the nape and lends into medium layers at the crown,” Toves-Vincilione says. “Length is left at the front, creating a side-swept fringe.”

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Asymmetrical Wedge

Kat Graham wears an asymmetrical wedge bob haircut

This asymmetrical wedge on Kat Graham is clean, precise, and feels like a modern-day version of the original haircut. “The length towards the face creates a bob-like effect, but the detail work in the back gives it the stack and edge that we love in a wedge,” Toves-Vincilione says. “It is considered a combination cut and should be done by a hairstylist who focuses on precision haircutting.”

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Short, Textured Style

Phoebe Waller-Bridge wears a short, wavy wedge haircut

For a subtle wedge cut, opt for a style similar to this one on Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Du recommends asking your stylist not to go so high on the graduation in order to achieve this look. “You can also pair it with some sun-kissed highlights to finish the look,” she says.

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The New Wedge

Camila Coelho wears a wedge lob haircut with a Dior clip

Those looking for trendy wedge inspiration should take some notes from Camila Coelho. “What’s great about this haircut is that it’s got all the right things going on,” Toves-Vincilione mentions. “It’s part bob, part wedge, and part pixie cut.”

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Layered with Bangs

Amandla Stenberg wears a layered curly wedge haircut with bangs

The volume of naturally curly hair can instantly enhance a wedge style. “The buildup of volume is at the crown and the front is cut to match, creating a beautiful balance,” Toves-Vincilione says. “However, it is important to see a hairstylist who is comfortable cutting curly hair and short hair when asking for this cut.”

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French Style

Keira Knightley wears a wedge bob haircut

We’re always finding inspiration within effortless Parisian style. Take a few notes from Keira Knightley and wear the style with sleek, stacked layers to achieve this look. Très chic!

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A Little Bit of Wave

Karen Wazen wears a thick wedge haircut

Truth be told, there are so many different versions of the wedge haircut, so having multiple inspiration images can be be helpful when plotting your look with your stylist. Toves-Vincilione advises choosing images of hair types and colors similar to yours, as it will contribute to a more successful outcome.

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Back To The Past

Ciara wears a two-tone retro wedge haircut

Ciara’s style adds a bit of retro flair to the wedge haircut. “It’s the perfect cut for someone who still wants to keep a bit of length with the wedge effect in the back,” Toves-Vincilione advises. “The texture gives a playful vibe to the layers at the crown and near the front.”

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Curly Wedge

Carla Gugino wears a curly wedge haircut

The wedge haircut works on both curly and straight styles but is also easy to transition with a few styling products and tools. “Achieve this look with some leave-in conditioner & let your hair air dry,” Du says. “Finish the look by piecing apart some curls with a little bit of oil on your fingers.”

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Curly Volume

Michelle Obama wears a curly wedge haircut to a state dinner

Honestly, adding a bit of volume is always a great idea. “However, you should absolutely consult with your hairstylist about what length works best for your face shape and be specific about what shape and length you want for the back,” Toves-Vincilione explains.

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Face-Framing Wedge

Kate Bosworth wears a sleek, face-framing wedge haircut

When asking your stylist for this cut, Toves-Vincilione recommends using terminology like A-line, bob, and texture to describe it. “Also be sure to show them photos and explain what you like about it, and ask them if they think it’s right for your hair,” he says.

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Wavy Wedge

Taraji P. Henson wears a wavy, asymmetrical side part bob wedge haircut

The reason why this cut is so beloved is the fact that it looks exceptional on all different hair types and textures. “This look created so much volume for her curls,” Du says. “Ask your stylist to stop the graduation around the cheekbones to give everything a lift.”

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Side-Swept Wedge

Assol Abdullina wears a side-swept wedge haircut

What makes this wedge cut perfect is the uniform length and blended texture. Toves-Vincilione says to ask your hairstylist for a “lived-in” wedge and advises expressing to them that you’d like something with easy wearability and texture. “Collaborate with them about how much length you like to keep or take away from the front and the sides,” he says.

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Stacked with Long Layers

Ella Balinska wears a layered wedge haircut with bangs

This cut in particular can look great on all face shapes. “The focal point of the haircut is in the back, so the front can be modified to suit all face shapes,” Toves-Vincilione explains.

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Highlighted and Sleek

Victoria Beckham wears a dramatic wedge bob haircut

Victoria Beckham has long been rocking a wedge—and it looks as posh as ever. “For a style like this, you can leave length around the face to contour a round face shape or incorporate a fringe to change the appearance of longer face shapes,” Toves-Vincilione says.

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The Original

Vidal Sassoon styles Mary Quant's hair in a wedge haircut

If you’re looking to mimic Sassoon’s original rendition, opt for a bowl cut-type look. It requires lots of maintenance to keep its shape, but it will be absolutely worth it.

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