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22 Ways to Wear the Titanium Hair Color Trend

woman with titanium hair

Titanium hair color is taking over, and—much like its metallic namesake—it’s cool, silvery, and striking. Known for its icy blue and purple undertones, titanium hair is (literally) cooler than what you might be used to. And, of course, there’s an element of maintenance involved—especially if your hair isn’t naturally light, in which case you’ll likely have to bleach your hair first to get the look. Think it’s worth it? (Spoiler alert: It is).

Check out 22 titanium hair color ideas that are making us want to call our colorist stat.


CHOOSING A SHADE: If you don’t already have light hair, you’ll have to bleach it. Consider an ombré if you’re unwilling to bleach your roots.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL: The brighter and lighter you go, the more maintenance you can expect (touch-ups every six weeks, for example). If you get a subtle ombré instead, you can let it fade out and only touch up every few months.

GOES GREAT WITH: Blue eye makeup and nude lips

SIMILAR SHADES: Silver-blonde

PRICE: Depending on where you get this done, you can expect to pay $200-$300 for this, and potentially more if bleaching is required.

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Super Subtle

Woman with subtle titanium hair color

If you’re scared to dive head-first into the titanium trend, try easing into it instead with soft, super-subtle highlights.

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Ombré Beach Waves

Woman with long, wavy titanium hair

You can’t go wrong with ombré beach waves and natural roots that feel lived-in, casual, and chic.

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Cool Braids

Woman with titanium braids in her hair

Mix up a braided style with some titanium pieces interspersed throughout.

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Shiny Tresses

Woman with cool-toned titanium blowout

Bring a major cool factor (literally) to your titanium-steel hair color with shiny, cascading waves.

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Fire and Ice

A warm-to-cool balayage is perfect for blondes who want something relatively low-maintenance. We love the color play and complementary undertones here.

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Piecey Perfection

Shoulder-length titanium hairstyle with piecey waves

We’re suckers for long, piecey bobs—and the classic look gets a modern update with cool titanium ombré and chic layers.

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Soft Waves

Shoulder-length titanium hairstyle with soft waves

Even if the process of going titanium puts your hair through a lot, you can still keep your waves soft, silky, and healthy (like this) with the right products.

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Bright Braids

Long set of bright titanium box braids viewed from back

Try long box braids in an all-over bright titanium hue to make the ultimate impact.

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Stormy Silver

silver ombre hair

This color—combined with dark, natural roots—has flashes of silver, gray, and titanium in there. (The colorist calls the stunning shade “storm,” and we’re kind of obsessed).

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Blue Steel

Bring a major cool factor (literally) to your titanium-steel hair color with muted and multifaceted blue highlights.

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Soft and Muted

Have naturally dark locks? Keep things subtle with some low-key silvery highlights that’ll make a major impact.

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Cool and Icy

Icy titanium hairstyle with loose curls

This bright white hue with icy blue undertones is pure metallic magic.

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Cool Curls

Woman with cool-toned titanium curls

Want a highlight hue that actually feels fresh? An icy titanium shade like the one seen here on @nadayoub_ will brighten your entire face. We love the way this color highlights bouncy, defined curls.

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Ombré Braids

Lighten up long braids with an icy ombré situation.

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Woman with ashy titanium hair and brunette roots

If you like staying on the dark side but want to lighten things up a smidge, complement your natural color with an ashy titanium balayage.

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Long and Silky

Woman with long platinum hair

Accentuate long, silky locks with a steely shade that’ll catch the light. (To get the sleek texture, check out our best smoothing serums and hair straighteners).

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Blonde and Beachy

Titanium-toned blonde hair with beach waves

Keep things light with multidimensional ash blonde and titanium highlights. It’s a perfect transitional look if you’re just trying to dip your toes into the trend. (We get it—it can be intimidating).

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Smoky Steel

Woman with smoky platinum hair

Get some smoky vibes up in there. An ashy, steel shade on the ends combined with darker, more natural roots is the ultimate cool-girl look.

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Smoky Balayage

It wouldn’t be a hair color roundup without a dramatic balayage situation. We’re obsessed with the silvery titanium creation seen here. (To be fair, with a canvas that long and silky, you can’t really go wrong).

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Edgy Undercut

Woman with short titanium undercut hairstyle

Take an edgy undercut up a notch with a dark, steel-gray shade all over.

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Smudged Roots

For a cool, lived-in look, try a titanium root smudge with bright, silvery ends.

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Platinum Silver

Titanium and platinum loose curls viewed from back

Think platinum hair on its own is cool? Take things up a notch with titanium gloss and babylights for a sweet, platinum-silver vibe.

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