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24 Highlight Ideas That Will Definitely Inspire You


Hair fatigue is real. (You know, when you’re so painfully bored with your current color and style, you start daydreaming about chopping it all off and wondering if a buzzcut would suit you.) But before you go full buzzcut—not that we’d stop you—hear us out if you’re feeling bored of your current look: There are tons of simple highlight ideas that can add some major life and excitement back into your strands ASAP.

From subtle tints to rainbow hues, find 24 unexpected and classic highlight ideas we love for every color and texture below.

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Nearly Platinum

Kristin Cavallari wears half-up hair with bright blonde highlights

It may take a few sessions, but going for almost platinum blonde highlights is certainly an option for any and all shades‚ even brunettes. In fact, natural dark roots peeking out contrast with the stark lightness quite beautifully.

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Caramel Drizzle

Woman with voluminous naturally curly hair with caramel highlights

Brighten up dark, curly hair with subtle, caramel highlights that blend beautifully with your natural shade.

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Smoky Ash

Woman with ash blonde face-framing highlights

If you’re not a fan of color, smoky highlights might be just what you’re looking for. An ashy shade pairs perfectly with naturally chocolate brown hair.

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Deep Ruby

Back of long, dark hair with ruby red-toned highlights

You’ll look like a total gem—and you might be surprised by how chic and subtle a ruby (or firetruck red) color melt can look on dark hair.

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Cinnamon Spice

Add some major dimension to your curls by picking a warm, dimensional highlight color. This cinnamon spice hue is ultra cozy-feeling.

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Soft Blue

“Blue highlights” might sound like a crazy idea until you see something as chic and wearable as this style. If you’re a natural brunette, try a soft, subtle navy like the color above.

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Face-Framing Golden Highlights

Beyonce wears long, curly hair with face-framing money piece highlights

Concentrating the lightest color just along the hair that frames the face instantly brightens your look.

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Touch of Plum

Angled, curled bob with purple highlights

We’re always obsessing over plum highlights, and we love how gorgeously blended they are here with the client’s natural dark hue.

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Rosy Tips

You don’t have to start at the roots or go all out when you get highlights. The great thing about doing a dip-dye (or a similar technique) is that it’s low-commitment—but if we looked this pretty in pink, we’d definitely keep this style forever.

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Violet Vision

Woman with naturally curly hair with deep purple highlights

If you have naturally curly hair, take your coils up a notch by adding a splash of purple for extra dimension. (We’re already a sucker for purple highlights—find our fave styles here.)

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Into the Blue

Again, we could play it safe, or we could tell you that a pop of azure highlights might be just what your braided style needs.

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Pop of Peach

Woman with brunette to peach ombre hair

For natural brunettes who need a pick-me-up, a soft peach hue might be the unexpected shade that has your name on it.

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Silver Streaks

Side of long, curled brunette hairstyle with subtle silver highlights

Gray hair has never been more desirable—and it’s about time. When silvery highlights look this good, why not embrace it?

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Baby Blue

Woman with ashy brunette hair with pastel blue and silver highlights

Whatever your base color is, a baby blue highlight shade is adorable, cool, and stunning on every hair color and skin tone. Sign us up.

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Multifaceted Indigo

For the ultimate mermaid look, mix in dreamy indigo, blue, and violet highlights, like this box braid style.

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’90s Babylights

Woman with straight, highlighted blonde hair with bangs

Highlights don’t have to be in-your-face obvious—just a gentle painting of color to add dimension is sometimes all you need to elevate your look.

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A Little Lavender

Bright blonde hair with subtle purple highlights

We’ll never say “no” to a lavender moment. For natural blondes feeling a little bored, a muted lilac tone is perfect for still feeling like yourself (with an added, colorful edge, of course).

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Sunburst Streaks

Joyjah Estrada wears her natural brunette curls with warm-toned highlights

These luscious auburn curls get even more dimension with a hint of golden strawberry natural highlights peppered throughout.

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Honey Brown

This gorgeous honey ombré might not seem radical, but it makes all the difference in warming up her look.

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Peach Sorbet

Woman with sleek, straight hair with peach highlights

We’re practically drooling over this peachy creation that steers more toward balayage with some face-framing highlights mixed in.

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Bright White

Looking to take your blonde up a notch without going full-blown platinum? Try stark-white highlights to brighten up the whole look.

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Warm Bronze

Music artist Isabella with tousled wavy hair and bronze highlights

If your natural brown hair is feeling drab and cold, nothing warms up your hairstyle faster than a gorgeous, honey-bronze highlight.

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Subtle Rose Gold

Side view of dirty blonde hair with heavy rose gold highlights

If you love the idea of colorful highlights but want to keep things wearable, rose gold may be just what you’re looking for. It’s edgy enough to stand out but subtle enough to blend in.

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Copper Creation

Warm copper highlights are the perfect way to add major dimension to naturally red hair.

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