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28 Stunning Examples of Pink Ombré Hair

Pink Ombre Hair

We’ve seen a lot of versatility when it comes to ombré hair. The dark roots and their contrasting, often brighter ends have become a staple request in the world of hair color. Reverse ombré and balayage ombré are two techniques to achieve the ombré effect in new, inventive ways. And these brunette ombrés and short-haired ombrés show just how adaptable ombré color is to various hair types and natural shades. To add to the examples of just how multifaceted ombré hair color can be, we’re taking you down a road of cotton candy pinks and rose gold streaks. That’s right, the latest way to wear the trend goes far beyond millennial pink. Even some of our favorite celebs have been catching on. To help you nail this trend, we spoke with an expert colorist for tips on perfecting pink ombré hair color.


“Pink is a nice entry into fun colors— or if you’re looking for something with less color commitment,” says Bryant, who says there are a few important tips to know about pinks. “It can leave a warmer hue on your blonde after its faded depending on the color lines used. If you’re a cooler blonde or like ashy tones, make sure to go a lighter pink with a cooler base to get a nice fade back to blonde.”


CHOOSING A SHADE: “Any hair color and/or length can be great with a customized pink,” says Bryant. “Pink is one of the most forgiving colors since it has warm and cool tones that can be tailored per person to have a great result for most skin tones.”

MAINTENANCE LEVEL: “The maintenance can be low depending on if someone likes a rooted look or not,” explains Bryant. “If you don’t like the ‘root’ look, the maintenance can be on the higher side or around 7-10 weeks. She said if you don’t mind the rooted look, you can stretch it to 12 weeks and use the balayage technique so it has a softer grow out from the root.

GOES GREAT WITH: Pink is a surprisingly versatile shade and goes great with both warm and cool skin tones.

SIMILAR SHADES: Millennial pink, magenta hair, pastel pink, violet ice, black cherry cola

PRICE: Price varies depending on natural starting shade, location and type of salon.

Ready to be pretty in pink? Below, check out 28 examples of how to wear effortlessly cool pink ombré hair.

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Rose Gold Lob

Woman with pink ombre long bob hairstyle

The defining feature of any ombré is the stark contrast between the color of your roots and the color of your ends. The color of this rose gold ombré lob has a great starting point of differentiation, making it perfect to toss around and flip from one side to the other.

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Cotton Candy Pink

Kaia Gerber wears a pink ombré bob hairstyle

Kaia Gerber’s cotton candy pink ombré was hard to miss. If this is your color inspo, be sure to use the right products to keep your hair from feeling like cotton candy while still channeling that playful pink hue. We love this hair milk from Davines that acts as a lightweight leave-in conditioner and heat protectant.

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Flamingo Ends

Long, wavy, flamingo pink ombre hair

Pink has a multitude of its own shades ranging from magenta to millennial. If fuchsia is too vibrant for you, opt for a lighter tone of pink like these flamingo painted ends seen here.

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Scarlet Fade

Woman with voluminous scarlet-toned pink ombre hair

Not every ombré has to begin at a uniform point of the hair. This scarlet pink fade has a choppy application, lying in various blocks—from side bangs to ends—beneath her natural dark brown roots.

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Flared Fringe Highlight

Woman wears pink ombre hair with flared '70s bangs

Dark roots are not a requirement of a successfully chic ombré. This mousy blonde base still serves the perfect amount of contrast for her bright pink ends. Incorporating ombré into a flared-out fringe uses the pink as the highlight that frames the face and brightens everything up.

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Short and Sweet

Katy Perry wears a black and pink ombre pixie cut with matching makeup

Even the shortest of strands can pull off ombré color. Katy Perry sports an ultra-bright pink against a tight black fade for an ultra-modern version of pink ombré hair. We love to see this color worn on various hairstyles for different effects.

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Baby Pink Blend

Woman wears pink ombre box braid ponytail

This pastel ombré is a blend of baby pink and lavender gray. Mixing your pinks in with similar hues is another one of the many ways to wear pink ombré hair.

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Black Cherry

Woman wears cherry pink ombre hair with dark roots

This black cherry cola ombré is a pink vibe all its own. A deeper plunge of pink and purple blended hues pairs seamlessly against extra-rich, extra-dark roots.

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Tiny Hints

Woman wears a pink ombre lob

Trying ombré on for size is a totally doable option before taking a full-throttle plunge into the depths of pink, particularly for those of you with pre-bleached strands. When your highlights are starting to fade, use a temporary tinted conditioner to both nourish those fried ends and see if pink is something you’re ready to commit to. It’ll rinse out before you know it.

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Watermelon Sugar High

Hot pink ombre long wavy bob hairstyle

Seeing this bright watermelon pink tone has us feeling like we’re on a sugar high. The pink ombré trend only leaves us craving more. Maybe Harry Styles was actually singing about hair color this whole time.

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Curly Hues

Woman with light pink ombre natural curls

As if pink ombré hair didn’t look fabulous enough as is, mixing it into a bed of beautiful natural curls has us gushing.

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Pink Face Frame

Woman wears medium-length pink ombre hair with face-framing balayage

Pink ombré doesn’t have to stop at the ends. Using your contrasted shade of pink as a balayage highlight to frame the face makes for an ultra-bright color statement, worn like an effortlessly sun-kissed highlight (if the sun had pink lipstick on).

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Ribbons of Pink

Woman wears long, curled pink ombre hair with dark roots

The way you style your pink ombré hair offers it so much more character and life. A ponytail, bun, or just a few simple curls now have major impact with their added color contrast.

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Vibrant Magenta

Woman wears vibrant magenta ombre natural curls

Color forward and curls forward. We love to see a playful pink ombré worn with confidence and ease. A blush pink cheek to match never hurt either.

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Hair Chameleon

Lucy Hale wears a pink ombre balayage long bob hairstyle

Pink ombré hair is one of those color trends we’re sure to see on all the celebrity hair chameleons out there, like superstar Lucy Hale. We’ve seen her with hair black as night and with blonde that’s bright as day, so it wasn’t a total shocker when we noticed she was sporting a little rose gold courtesy of hair queen and confidante Kristin Ess.

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Dipped Dreads

Woman with hot pink ombre dipped dreadlock hairstyle

No matter what type hairstyle or texture you wear, pink ombré hair will work for you. And just as it works for hair that isn’t in dreads, your shade of pink will always be more vibrant when applied to previously bleached hair.

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Vivid Fuchsia

Woman with vivid fuchsia extra-long pink ombre hair

Who knew that a color as vibrant as this vivid fuchsia could blend so effortlessly with a natural brunette base? When you’re dealing with long, thick hair, make sure you’re mindful of keeping your strands protected and in good health while they’re colored. Always opt for a reliable heat protectant before applying heat to style.

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Ombréd Pixie

Short hair, don’t care. This is not a color trend that only applies to longer strands. A choppy, layered pixie cut beautifully showcases the dark roots that this lust-worthy magenta stems from.

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Ginger Pink Snaps

Woman with burnt orange and pink ombre hair with dark roots

Looking to make your pink ombré a little spicier? This ginger-tinted shade of pink pairs especially well with those darker base colors that naturally pull a bit brassy when the hair is lightened.

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Break at the Fringe

Woman with pink ombre hair and natural dark bangs

Having a fringe should always work in your favor, even when it comes to hair color. If you don’t want to apply pink color to your fringe, use it instead as a guide to indicate where your ombré is going to start.

To prevent your bright pink color from fading as fast, wash less often and try to use cold water. Avoid shampoos labeled as “clarifying,” as they can fade hair more quickly. Stick to hair products safe for color-treated hair.


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Low and Long

Woman with long pink ombre hair with sandy brown base

With hair that is especially long, experiment with your ombré placement to keep the hair from experiencing too much damage. Here, we see a pink ombré worn super low, with added brightness all along the edges.

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Low-Hanging Fruit

Woman with tousled dark hair with pink ombre tips and eyeshadow

Having a raspberry pink hue fall low on your ombréd strands does not make your hair a literal interpretation of low-hanging fruit. Caring for your strands while wearing any color is crucial to its health. Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner made for colored hair to help boost its vitality and prevent further damage.

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Skunk Ombré

Woman with face-framinglight pink ombre hair on dark base

Skunk hair is the latest dual-tone color contrast making a rise in salon requests everywhere. Blending skunk hair with pink ombré? Well, that might just be a literal stroke of genius.

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Ballerina Bun Pink

Hailey Bieber wears a high bun with blonde to light pink ombre

Pink ombré isn’t just some inventive, edgy way to express yourself. As seen on Hailey Bieber, this color trend can be soft, delicate, and red-carpet worthy. Bieber showed off her pink ends with a high-placed ballerina bun.

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Traditional Ombré

Woman with long light pink ombre hair

This traditional ombré has long, dark roots that fade into its brighter counterpart halfway down the hair shaft. The longer the root color, the more traditional it leans.

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Perfectly Placed Pink

Demi Lovato wears a pink ombre updo

Demi Lovato’s perfectly placed pink ombré gives dimension and movement to their hair. If you have thin hair, adding in highlights can give the illusion of thicker hair.

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Baby Pink Ombré

Kim Kardashian wears long light pink ombre hair

Kim Kardashian had fun jumping in on the ombré trend as she showed off her baby pink locks. Her hair has dark roots, fading to a platinum blonde and transitioning to a pastel pink.

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Mermaid Pink

Rita Ora wears pink to purple-gray ombre hair

Rita Ora’s hair is totally droolworthy. The singer doesn’t stick to just pink ombré with this edgy look, infusing blonde, pink and purple.

  • How do you get pink ombré hair on blonde hair?

    “First, you’ll need to get a blonde ombré as light as you can gently push the hair so it has a base for the pink to shine through,” says colorist Jafra Bryant. “Luckily, most blondes naturally tend to have a darker root area that blends into their lighter ends (via highlighting or the ever so popular “root shadow”), making for an easier grow out. After you’re already blonde, the pink itself can be applied all over –or placed to to create a naturally darker or natural looking root that blends down into a pink ombre.”

  • How can you prevent pink ombre hair from fading?

    “You can help it not fade by limiting your washes and using other aids like dry shampoo or texture sprays,” says Bryant. She says it is also helpful to wash your hair with cold water–or do a cold rinse. “This helps keep the cuticle closed and keeps the color from leaking out.”

  • Should you try pink ombré at home?

    Bryant says to leave the bleaching part of the process to the professionals, but once your hair has been bleached and colored pink, you can help maintain the color with color-depositing shampoos. “It can be re-pinked easily at home with a tinted conditioner or a color-depositing product, such as Bleach London’s Rose or Gobby Pink,” she says. “They even have pink shampoo and conditioners so over time you wash your hair it can be used to maintain the color until your next salon visit. Manic Panic is also a great choice for at home color maintenance as semi permanent deposit colors. They can also be added to your shampoos and conditioners for wash longevity–so each wash gets a deposit alongside the cold water lock.”


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