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30 Ways to Wear the Bronze Hair Color Trend

woman with short bronze hair

Bronze hair is stunning and consistently popular, with stars sporting the hue including the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. But perhaps the biggest reason so many people are going bronze is because it looks great on everyone and is easy to transition to from most colors.

Bronze is the perfect in-between hue, no matter your natural hair color—whether you’re a blonde going darker or a brunette trying to lighten up a little, you’re guaranteed to win the gold with a little bronze. (Sorry, we had to). We reached out to the experts for more info on bronze hair and how to rock the look.


Below, find 30 bronze hair color ideas to get you inspired.


CHOOSING A SHADE: Choose a shade of bronze that coordinates with the undertones of your hair and skin. If you’re not sure what will look best, consult with your colorist.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL: Since bronze-colored highlights require less lifting than true blonde highlights, grow-out is fairly soft. You can go as long as three to four months between appointments, depending on your base color and how fast your hair grows.

GOES GREAT WITH: Gold lids, bronzed cheeks

SIMILAR SHADES: Caramel hair

PRICE: $150-$350, depending on whether you go for full or partial bronze highlights.

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Silky Waves

Natural brunettes, take note: A simple bronze balayage is an amazing way to brighten up your entire face. (And we certainly can’t complain about these gorgeous silky waves).

According to Leake, natural brunettes lend beautifully to a burnt caramel bronze. “Bronze adds warmth to brunettes and allows the natural root to come in and melt beautifully with the bronze color,” he says. “Blondes can make a smooth transition to tawny bronze, and natural redheads can brighten up by going a more coppery shade of bronze.”

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Pop of Cinnamon

Woman with curly hair and bronze highlights

You can embrace your natural hair color while simply enhancing it for maximum impact. These bronze highlights don’t hide her natural hue underneath—and the shades complement each other perfectly.

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Lightened-Up Layers

Take your layered look up a notch with strategically placed warm highlights. The face-framing pieces—and tawny copper tones—take the cake.

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All-over Warmth

Woman with warm, bronze curls in sunlight

Rather than balayage or highlights, opt for a bronze hue all-over for next-level warmth and richness. (The golden-hour lighting here doesn’t hurt, either).

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Copper Combo

Coppery bronze highlighted hair viewed from back

Combine the tawny undertones of bronze with the reddish ones of copper for an allover heat-filled look.

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Prominent Face-Framing Highlights

Woman with bronze face-framing highlights

Pep up a piecey, layered bob with some warm bronze highlights. This one is even sweeter with prominent face-framing pieces.

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Natural Roots

A subtle bronze balayage combined with natural roots is the perfect low-maintenance look (that’s still high-impact, of course).

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Super Subtle

Like we said, the great thing about bronze is that it’s an easy, transitional shade—you don’t have to go too dark or too light with it. Ease into it with super subtle highlights that still warm up your entire look. Leake agrees, saying that bronze is a relatively low-maintenance look, as it deposits color instead of lifting it.

“Complement the beautiful color contrasts and dimensions by adding a shine spray, such as Color Wow Dream Coat ($27). Your hair will thank you. Plus, one application of dream coat lasts up to three shampoos,” he says.

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Warm Micro-Twists

Woman with bronze micro-twists with curled ends

If you’re a braid lover, consider micro-twists in a lighter hue (like this honey bronze). Get all our braid tips right here.

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Bronze Highlights

Woman with dark curls and subtle bronze highlights

Feeling subtle? Warm up raven-hued curls with just a sprinkle of bronze highlights throughout, as seen here on digital creator Taylor Winbush. (Also, if you’re getting volume envy from this pic, find our best volume-boosting tips for curly hair here).

For those with natural hair, it’s important to pick a shade that works not only with your natural hair but also with your natural skin tone.

“Make sure to ask your stylist to stay away from cool tones and focus on blending in the warmer tones of bronze,” says Leake. “For upkeep between visits, be sure to use products that keep your hair hydrated, healthy, and vibrant with color.”

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Slightly Sun-Kissed

Woman with long hair and sun-kissed bronze highlights

Look like you just spent a week in St. Tropez with a tawny sun-kissed color and silky beach waves.

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Tawny Tendrils

Woman with tawny bronze curls

Spice up your strands with a stunning honey-bronze hue. We love the dimension here with darker pieces beneath.

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Bronze Ombré

Go from dark to light with a bronze ombré so seamless, you won’t have to worry about frequent root touch-ups. If you find yourself wanting to do a bit of at-home maintenance, Bryant recommends tinted conditioners as her go-to for vibrancy hold in between salon visits.

“It’s a more non-committal, affordable way to deposit a bit of color safely at home and without chemicals of actual hair color that I’ve seen great results with,” she says. “I like Christophe Robin Chic Copper Shade Variation Hair Mask ($53) for lighter more strawberry blondes. It’s a lighter version of copper pigment deposit and is good for all textures to smooth and hydrate but not weigh the hair down for consistent and natural-looking color maintenance.”

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Golden Curls

Woman with curly golden bronze hair

Gorgeous curls can be made even more gorgeous (if that’s even possible) by warming them up with honey bronze-hued highlights combined with tawny brown lowlights.

“Purple shampoos are important to incorporate for blondes, but may lift your bronze too much, making it look less coppery and more ashy,” he says. “I recommend Color Wow Color Security Shampoo ($24) to keep your bronze hair fresh without over-lightening.”

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Copper Balayage

Go a little red with a bronze balayage and coppery tint. The touchable waves here are the cherry on top.

“Bronze is all about warmth, so I love to style the hair down around the face to compliment skin tone. Loose waves are gorgeous on the bronze look as they reveal the different hues of gold and copper working together,” says Leake on styling hair.

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A Little Warmth

Just adding a touch of all-over warmth with bronze highlights and coppery pieces framing your face can brighten up a look.

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Major Dimension

bronzed balayage hair with braid

Using hair painting and both highlight and lowlight techniques, this bronze ‘do is taken to another dimension (no pun intended). The shades of brown, blonde, and bronze strewn together feel super cohesive—and that braid is goals.

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Blunt Balayage

Embrace a naturally fine texture with a gorgeous blunt bob combined with a bronze balayage (that’ll add major depth to your hair).

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Blunt Bangs

They’re not easy to execute properly, but when you’re in the hands of a capable stylist, we love a short blunt-bang moment. Combine them with a dark-to-light bronze balayage for maximum impact.

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Rich & Vibrant

Natural curls with vibrant red-bronze highlights

A pigmented, ultra-saturated tone is perfect for the beauty risk-takers out there. This coppery bronze tone complements the client’s healthy, shiny curls perfectly.

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Warm & Layered

Woman with layered curls and warm bronze highlights

A layered, voluminous style gets even more dimension and depth with piecey highlights. This bronze hue (combined with natural roots) is truly stunning.

“I love these hues with texture and movement, such as a good afro or big set of curls with coppery shades,” says Bryant. “There’s never not somewhere to look as the color can bounce the light and sunshine off the hair, which can make the hair look thick and healthy-looking from these warmer shades.”

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Piecey Bob

Tousled bob haircut with bronze highlights

Give a layered, piecey bob a fresh update with a warm bronze balayage. (Get our tips for hair this touchable here).

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Golden Bronze Ombré

It’s almost blonde—but not quite. We love the look of a silky bronze ombré with roots kept natural.

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Bronze Braids

Woman with bronze braided ponytail

Spice up your knotless braids with a wearable bronze hue (complemented by natural roots and an enviable ponytail).

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Curly Balayage

We’re obsessed with the dimension these natural curls are bringing. Want the same? A bronze balayage might be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re not ready to commit to a permanent color, Bryant recommends finding a shade in a semi-hair color line such as Manic Panic. “This way is most forgiving and lasts about two to three washes before you decide on a color,” she says.


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Caramel Drizzle

Combine a rich, chocolate brown hair color with caramel-bronze highlights for a sweet treat of a style that totally complements the wavy, layered cut here.

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Coppery Highlights

Woman with curly hair and copper bronze highlights

We’ll always love a simple set of highlights—and the coppery-bronze shade here by Nicolle Lemonds is the ultimate addition to Leah Allyannah’s bouncy curls.

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Silky Monochrome

If you’re feeling bold, go for an all-over bronze hue. This one’s a super-subtle balayage with a stunning silky finish—and those blunt bangs are everything. (Find our best tips for smooth, silky hair here.)

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Extra Brightness

As far as we’re concerned, you’re doing a disservice to gorgeous curly hair if you don’t highlight it correctly—and we love the way the color concentrates on these bronze tendrils to reveal a saturated blonde hue on the ends. Perfection.

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Bronze Ribbons

If you’re naturally raven-haired, consider something like these bronze ribbon highlights. We’re in love with the contrasting shades.


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