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35 Envy-Inducing Black Ombré Nail Looks You Need to Try

You might traditionally associate ombré with hair, but ombré nails are holding their own in the world of nail art. From subtle french manicure ombré nails to bright neon fades, there’s no limit on the color gradients you can work with, but one of our favorites has to be black.

Black ombré nails are bold, moody, and fun. Plus, when you ombré with black you can see and appreciate the gradient, artful color fade. Geometric lines, glitter top coats, accent nails, and nail embellishments also pair perfectly with the black ombré nail look.

Below, are 35 of our favorite moody, black ombré nail looks.

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Black French Ombré

A bold twist on a classic French manicure, this chic black ombré manicure is sure to turn heads. We love how the gentle gradient accentuates the tapered square nail without adding visual weight.

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These gorgeous stiletto nails remind us of Cruella de Vil, and we’re here for it. The black ombré effect takes up the majority of the almond-shaped nail for an ultra-dramatic look.

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Square Black Ombré Nails

black to nude ombre nails

Contrast is always a strong way to make a statement. We love the juxtaposition of the sharp, square nail shape with the soft ombré gradient.

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Spice It Up With Sparkle

Never say no to sparkle. The glittery center line adds a modern, geometric touch to the black ombré nails for some cool-girl definition.

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Epic Eclipse

Like the moon, we, too, grow in cycles. Each pointed nail commemorates a different lunar phase from the new moon’s fresh beginnings to the full moon’s powerful clarity.

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Black Ombré Coffin Nails

Coffin nails always bring the heat, so why not pick a design to match? This ombré makes a sophisticated statement by swapping out a blush-toned base for a sexy caramel beige.

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Glitter Accent Nail

Nothing punctuates a pretty manicure quite like an accent nail. A black ombré set is easily heightened by a modern black and gold ring finger design.

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Galaxy Nails

This black ombré nail design is seriously out of this world. Almond-shaped nails showcase a cosmic depiction of all the planets in our solar system.

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Glitter and Gold

Not all black ombré nail designs have to be so serious. This sparkly approach lightens the look with a glittery overlay.

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Matte Black Ombré

black ombre nails with abstract line design

While we love a glossy mani, there’s something fresh about a matte polish. The black ombré nails are chic as can be but the abstract nail art makes for a masterpiece.

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Dotted Nails

Take the ombré look to the next level with a few tasteful dots at the base of your nail. This dotted sequence lends a gorgeous balance to the stiletto nails—and complements the finger ink perfectly.

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Brown and Black

Blending a taupe-y brown into the middle of this color gradient creates an exquisitely natural fade. As a result, the black ombré effect softens considerably to match the sweet almond nail shape.

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Mix and Match

multi color nails with ombre and gold line design

We love a well-curated, mix-and-match mani. The short natural nails rock a rose gold palette with a glittery pinky, metallic stripe against a black base, and a blush-to-black ombré nail.

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Blue and Black Ombré

There’s a black ombré here, but it’s finished with a royal blue tip that pops quite perfectly. We love the blue-toned pink used as a base to further amplify the gorgeous verve of blue.

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Make It Metallic

Instead of traditional black, try a holographic black for the ultimate shining moment. Start with a classic black ombré manicure and top with a chrome overlay for some futuristic fun.

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Half and Half

black and white ombre nails with moon details

One hand black, one hand white. Consider this zenned-out manicure the ultimate yin-and-yang of ombré nails.

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Periwinkle Perfection

Black ombré nails need not always fade to a neutral hue. Make a colorful statement by swapping the nude base with a more vibrant shade. This periwinkle is on trend and sure to spark joy.

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Confetti Ombré

ombre confetti glitter nails

Put your party pants on because these ombré nails are ready to serve. Match a jet black base with chunky glitter polish for a confetti effect that truly makes it rain.

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Neutral Base and High Gloss

neutral pink fade into black ombre nails

These wet-look nails are the epitome of luxe. The square shape creates a sophisticated canvas for the demure pink base and hyper-glossy black gradient.

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Black and Silver Sparkle

This fine silver glitter creates a metallic base for an ultra-glamorous black ombré. (NYE mani, anyone?) We love how the sparkly pigments seamlessly blend into the dark gradient.

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Multicolored Ombré

This mismatched mani is as cohesive as they come. Black and red gradients melt into the nude-beige base masterfully.

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X Marks the Spot

Dial up a black ombré manicure by adding some sparkly nail art. This design takes on a graffiti look that we’re totally digging.

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In the Clear

Neutral, nude bases are a black ombré classic. These clear tips, however, are truly visionary. Jet black cuticles fade to completely transparent almond-shaped tips for a truly mesmerizing manicure.

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Moody Blue

light blue to dark blue ombre nails

This moody black-and-blue gradient is giving us all the stormy sea vibes. Even the white tips look like crested waves.

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Short and Sparkly

An ombré effect can be especially lengthening on short, natural nail shapes. We love the use of Orly’s Gel FX Prisma Gloss Gold ($11) sparkle top coat to finish off the look here.

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Diamonds and Gold

What’s better than a black ombré manicure? A studded black ombré manicure. These silver diamond embellishments and chunky gold sparkles are giving us all the sumptuous Art Deco feels.

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A Vampy Gradient

Fade to an oxblood base for a vampy gradient as delicious as this. Because, is there anything more scintillating than almond-shaped tips in a black-and-red ombré?

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Bats in the Night Sky

For a seasonal approach, we love this batty design. Elegant black ombré stiletto nails sport silvery stars and glittery bats fluttering across the tips.

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Glittering Hearts

Some wear their hearts on their sleeve, we prefer ours on our nails. These almond-shaped nails flaunt a glittery black ombré punctuated by tiny black hearts at each base.

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This edgy charcoal fade is the result of an exceptionally well-blended blue-to-black gradient. Go for an ultra-sheer application at the cuticles to create more of a smoky effect.

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Celestial Gradient

We’re getting serious celestial vibes from these black ombré nails. Gel Bottle’s Teddy ($21) and Jet Black ($19) shades are used to build the black ombré while hand-painted crescent moons and gleaming stars create the cosmic motifs.

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All That Glitters

A swipe of chunky glitter polish is an easy way to elevate any black ombré nail design. Once the classic fade has dried, apply a glittery topcoat across an entire accent nail or just at the tip for a sparkly finish.

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Brilliant Botanicals

Black ombré but make it floral. These black and yellow nail gradients get a fresh update courtesy of leafy botanical stems.

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Spooky Webs

These spooky nails have us all tangled up in their web. Lights Lacquer Tuxedo Mask ($11) and Adaline ($11) are blended to create the gradient while OPI’s Matte Topcoat ($10) creates the velvety finish.

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Black Ombré Accent Nail

black and white ombre nails with texture

Black ombré nails are just one component of this maximalist manicure, which also features a white ombré and an all-black nail with a 3D design. Let designs like these serve as inspiration for creating a truly special and unique look.

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