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6 Ways to Wear the No-Pants Trend—Seriously

kendall jenner no pants trend

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, a new fashion trend emerges that’s so mind-boggling it seems like something from a dream… or a nightmare. Such is the case with fashion’s latest craze: Underwear as outerwear. As absurd as it sounds, Iit-girls everywhere have decided to ditch pants altogether. While lingerie as outerwear is nothing new, going completely pantless is a bit more, well, jarring.

The trend first started making its rounds in 2022, when designers including Burberry, Coperni, Del Core, and more sent models down the runway sans pants or in sheer pieces that show off undergarments. Now celebrities like Tessa Thompson, Bella Hadid, and the Jenners have all sported the trend in recent months, so there’s evidence that this polarizing trend can work off the runway. Bella wore her tighty-whitey bottoms while strolling around NYC with pizza in hand. Meanwhile, the Jenner sisters took a more high fashion approach. Kendall was spotted leaving a photoshoot in a head-to-toe Bottega Venetta look sans pants, while Kylie wore a more winter-friendly version at Loewe’s spring/summer 2023 presentation.

Yes, I realize us non-celebrities will look even more out of the ordinary if we try this trend IRL, but what is fashion without risks? I’ve put together a few pantless looks that I deem wearable in everyday life, whether you are grabbing pizza or heading for a night out. Below, six ways to try out this trend yourself.

Night Out

There are actually plenty of standout briefs you can wear to the bar or club and be the best dressed in the room. Style these houndstooth bottoms with a pair of black tights and a faux-fur bolero for a look the whole room will approve of.


Vanilla Girl

The “vanilla girl” aesthetic is the latest TikTok fad to infiltrate our feed, and is centered around white, cream, and beige-colored pieces. One might say it’s the cousin of the “clean girl aesthetic,” which has started to quiet down. Embrace the look by starting with a pair of silky boyshorts and layer on pieces in neutral shades.


Kylie Jenner-Inspired

Kylie Jenner wore tighty whities, so we decided to wear tighty whities. For real, though, Kylie did manage to pull off this unconventional look in the most fashion-forward way possible, with the help of Loewe. The look is simple to recreate yourself. All you need is white underwear, black tights, and a grey coat. Voila! You’re ready for Paris Fashion Week.


Sweater Weather

If you’re hesitant about jumping head first into this trend, I suggest balancing out the tiny bottoms with an oversized top. That’s exactly what Tessa Thompson did at a recent Loewe event where she wore an oversized sweater tucked into her underwear bottoms. Add a statement purse and heels to dress up the briefs, and you’re ready to brave the world.


Ballet Briefs

When I first saw pantless looks trending, I was brought back to my days as a dancer, when I would wear just tights and a leotard to class. After I got over the initial uncomfortableness, I remember feeling so free. This idea is ever so fitting with the unfaltering popularity of balletcore, so marrying these two trends makes perfect sense.


Bella Hadid-Inspired

If there’s a niche micro-trend that suddenly starts popping up everywhere, Bella Hadid probably had something to do with it.  She approached the pantless trend in a more casual manner while out in NYC last year when she wore her white short shorts, a leather racing jacket, and TikTok’s favorite Ugg boots—another reason why they are sold out everywhere.


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