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9 Summer Sunglasses Styles to Try for Summer

Yellow UFO sunglasses

Sunglasses are a comfort for me. I use them the way a lot of people use makeup: To boost confidence while also adding some character to my look. I wear sunglasses year-round, but they really come into play when the sun is out longer and it’s so hot out that you need to find accoutrements that will enhance your look without causing excessive perspiration.

I’m currently eyeing several styles for the summer, some of which are very classic, and others which play more to the trends. A few of my product selections fit more than one style category (colorful and square, for example).

If sunglasses excite you as much as they do me, come take a look and then I’ll stop with the eyewear puns. Keep reading for all the sunglasses style inspiration you need to kick off your summer 2022 shopping.

Overlay Lenses

Probably the most niche style on this list, overlay lenses first came to my attention thanks to the below pair from Bottega Veneta, which honestly is all over this list because the brand is doing very cool things with eyewear. The below styles feel very timeless to me. Overlay sunglasses add a little extra dimension to classic shapes.


Alien Vibes

When I say there are trend-forward styles on this list, I really mean this one, which very much reminds me of those plastic alien sunglasses I used to wear at extraterrestrial-themed birthday parties as a kid (remember these green ones?). There’s something I actually really love about these, though. If you’re wearing a simple tank and shorts, your look instantly gets an intentional lift with this very distinct style.


Chunky Aviators

I own this pair of very large, thick-rimmed sunglasses from long ago and am thankful I still have them, because I’m seeing chunky aviators more and more. I specifically love the below picks from Chanel, Coco and Breezy, and Lapima. The thicker the frame, the better.


Be Square

I think wayfarer or wayfarer-adjacent styles are always relevant. I still go for my classic Ray-Ban wayfarers and actually get compliments on them when I wear them. Such a simple, classic style is always a good idea, and with plenty of sizes (from more oversized to narrow), this style fits every face.


Big Cat Energy

I’m very attracted to oversized cat-eye sunglasses right now. I think it’s because I can’t get the idea of large cat-eye sunglasses with a silk headscarf and top-down convertible, Thelma and Louise-style, out of my head. They are so chic and timeless.


Paparazzi Pair

Speaking of oversized sunglasses, I hadn’t thought I’d ever want a pair of huge early-aughts sunglasses again, but here we are. The most iconic style is dark or has dark lenses, though I also included a few lighter ones because I enjoy their retro flair. If Ashley Olsen can still do it, so can we.


Rainbow Brite

If you want to make a real statement with your sunglasses, go for bold color. I always feel my coolest when I’m wearing a pair of colorful sunglasses: They’re youthful and ooze confidence. I’m specifically seeing a lot of rectangular, cat-eye, and goggle styles right now, and I personally tend to prefer versions with opaque frames and contrast/darker lenses like the below from Poppy Lissiman and Celine.


Rose-Colored Glasses

Pink is definitely trending right now, since even before recent red carpets were flooded with pink looks (thank you, Pierpaolo Piccioli). From pale pink to hot pink, I think pink might just be the color of the season, and I happen to love it for eyewear.


Citrus Lenses

Yellow lenses have such a suave element to them. Moscot makes a timeless aviator style with yellow lenses that I think is one of the best pairs ever. And because the yellow lenses are transparent (which I suggest, opposed to mirrored), you’re still able to make eye contact while looking your absolute coolest.


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