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Angelina Jolie Just Went Blonde for the First Time Since the ’90s

Angelina Jolie with brown hair

Two things I never thought would happen just did: there’s wildfire smoke blanketing NYC, and Angelina Jolie is now a blonde. Although the actor had adopted the “quiet luxury” trend way before it was a thing, we must never forget that the icon is pretty much the blueprint for the “dark bimbo” trend, and her jet-black hair has always been a key feature of her look. But everything ends at some point, and Jolie just closed the chapter on brunette with her new buttery blonde balayage.

Jolie revealed that she’s venturing into the fashion world with her brand, Atelier Jolie. The brand is taking a sustainable approaching, allowing customers to co-create their own designs—which will be made from deadstock fabric or pieces you already have—with the atelier’s in-house tailors. Jolie also recently shared that she is working with luxury brand Chloé on a collaboration, and she debuted her new blonde hair in the announcement photos.

Jolie needs almost no effort to look stunning, and the actor wore a wash of peachy nude lipstick and eyeliner to accent her dramatic black strapless dress. The photo shows that, although Jolie hasn’t gone lighter than brunette since the ’90s, her hair now features a warm blonde balayage.

Angelina Jolie


Frankly speaking, Jolie would look incredible in any hair color or cut, but her transition to blonde hair piqued our interest. Other A-listers also made the transition to bright hair in recent months (hello, Beyoncé’s sunwashed blonde and Jessica Chastain’s platinum hair), and there have been countless new blonde trends like Pamela Anderson blonde, Aspen blonde, and even linen blonde bubbling up. With even Jolie switching over to the light side, we’d wager a bet that everyone will be tempted to try a lighter hue as summer approaches.

Jolie could wear even Y2K emo hair and make me want to cop her style—so I feel you if you need to recreate her balayage blonde ASAP. “Balayage is a freehand painting technique, usually focusing on the top layer of hair, resulting in a more natural and dimensional approach to highlighting,” stylist Janna Velasquez of Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills previously told Byrdie.

When choosing a blonde shade to add to your base, your best bet is to choose a blonde (like Jolie’s) that doesn’t veer too far into bright blonde territory so that you can lessen upkeep and create a more natural blend between your roots and the burnt-butter ends. Plus, since balayage highlights are nothing without roots peering through, they’re pretty low maintenance. Your best bet would be to speak with a colorist to find the perfect shade of blonde to add dimension and brightness to your summer hairstyle.


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