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Are Bananas Good for You?

Wonderfully sweet with creamy flesh, bananas are definitely tasty. The question is, "Are bananas good for you as well?" Well, bananas are harvested throughout the year and are amongst the most widely consumed fruits around the world. That's mainly because this curved yellow fruit is loaded with all sorts of nutrients that will help you stay fit and healthy. It means that if you're looking for a simple answer to the question, "Are bananas good for you?" it has to be, "Yes, they are". However, there are several other things you need to keep in mind when eating bananas. Keep reading to learn more about carbs in banana and to know how many calories in a banana.

Are Bananas Good for You?

Many people think there are more carbs in banana than most other fruits, so it is a good idea to avoid eating them at all. That’s not the right thing to do actually, even if you’re trying to shed some pounds. Here are some good points that will answer, “Are bananas good for you?”


Extremely important for your cardiovascular health

Their high potassium content helps electricity flow throughout body and makes it possible for your heart to keep beating. Since bananas don't have high sodium content, they play a role in protecting you from hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.


Help with digestion and weight loss

Yes, there are carbs in banana, but there is fiber as well. The high fiber content of bananas makes them good for someone trying to lose weight. With a single banana, you will be able to fulfill 10% of your daily fiber requirement. It also contains vitamin B6, which plays a role in reducing weight and protecting you from type-2 diabetes. Bananas will always make you feel full, so they really help curb cravings and keep you from eating more. The sweetness in bananas will also help maintain your blood sugar levels during and after weight loss workouts.


Improve your vision

Eating bananas will also prove beneficial for your eyes because they contain vitamin A that helps maintain your normal vision and even improve your night vision a bit.


Diarrhea relief

You can tag bananas as great food for diarrhea treatment. They contain electrolytes like potassium, which your body needs after bouts of diarrhea. This will keep you from feeling weak and help treat your diarrhea as well.


Cancer prevention

Some studies have found that you will be able to prevent kidney cancer through moderate consumption of bananas.

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