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Ariana Grande’s French Manicure Is a Subtle Y2K Throwback

Ariana Grande selfie

With light blonde hair and a sweet disposition, Ariana Grande has been leaning into her role as Glinda The Good Witch in the upcoming film adaption ofWicked. Her style has gone through many eras over the years, and you can probably recall a time when she wouldn’t have been caught dead without a high Barbie ponytail (before Barbiecore was a thing) or knee-high boots. Grande is well aware of all the aesthetics she’s tried, and she just poked fun at it while wearing a classic French manicure.

On June 4, Grande posted a playful TikTok video with the caption, “Me to old me who wouldn’t dare be seen without a thick cat eye and an overdrawn lip.” The “new” Grande looks demure and wears a pink camisole, a curled ponytail, side bangs, a wash of blush on her cheeks, wispy lashes, and pink popsicle lips. The “old” Grande, however, looks like she was ripped straight from the singer’s Sweetener era and wears an oversized hoodie, a slicked-back ponytail, and mauve overdrawn lips. Old Ari applies a heavy winged liner with the r.e.m. Beauty At The Borderline Eyeliner Marker ($19) as she tells the new Ari that she’s applying makeup in this way because she’s “going through a phase.” (TBH, anyone who did makeup in 2018 can probably relate.)


Her nails stay consistent, though, and they surprisingly work well with both looks. Grande wore a medium-length almond-shaped French manicure, which features a nude base and a white tip. Unlike other French manicures that follow the rounded perimeter of the nail’s free edge, Grande’s French tip has a bit of a straighter line separating the tip and base. It’s a great trick to create the illusion of a longer nail bed while still maintaining the classic look.

Ariana Grande wearing a French manicure

Though it’s mostly associated with the early ‘2000s, the French manicure is a classic style, hence why it works so well with both her old and current looks. Although cream French tips have been all the rage lately, the manicure never truly went out of style since it’s so timeless. And at its essence, a French manicure mimics natural nail growth, which is why it also works well across all styles, whether you’re wearing a coquette camisole or a streetwear hoodie.

But the best part? Grande’s straight French is actually much easier to DIY than a traditional French manicure. First, apply two coats of nude nail polish to your entire nail bed and allow it to dry fully. Then, apply white nail polish with a broad brush across your nail tip (you won’t need a fine nail art brush since there aren’t any precise swoops or curves). Finally, seal the entire look in with top coat for a mani that’ll work for any aesthetic you’re after this summer.


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