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Best At-Home Gym Subscriptions

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We all know exercise is incredibly important for our mental and physical health. It is clinically proven to reduce stress and decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression, making it an essential part of any well-rounded self-care routine. Aside from the mental health benefits, it can be great for hormone health, too.1 “Working out is naturally a stressful activity for the body, but it is equally important to support a well-functioning metabolism,” explains certified nutrition consultant and natural chef Katherine Haysbert.

Despite the documented benefits of physical movement, finding the time to hit a workout class or work with a personal trainer can sometimes feel impossible. Different schedules, goals, and budgets can make staying on track with a wellness routine challenging. Setting up an at-home gym experience, however, can make your health goals more attainable. We reviewed dozens of at-home gym subscriptions and picked our top eight. Nominations were based on innovation, price point, and unique user experience. From an ultra-luxe virtual Pilates class to a pulse-pumping trampoline experience, we’re confident there’s something for everyone on this list.

Best At-Home Gym Subscriptions of 2023

  • Best Overall:Tonal
  • Best Budget:Nike Training Club
  • Best for Cycling Classes:Peloton
  • Best for Yoga:Lululemon Studio Mirror
  • Best-Kept Secret:The Ness
  • Best for Strength Training:Tempo Move
  • Best for Pilates:The Pilates Class
  • Best Variety:P.volve

While we love each of the at-home gym subscriptions we reviewed, we believe Tonal is the best of the best. While it is pricey, we found its wide range of functions and impressive technology to be unmatched in the current market. That being said, if you are looking to get fit while minding a tight budget, the Nike Training Club app is for you. Want something different that harks back to your childhood days? Try out The Ness’s trampoline classes.

Guide to Choosing the Best At-Home Gym Subscriptions 

Are At-Home Gym Subscriptions Worth It?

At-home gym subscriptions can be a great fit for anyone looking to boost their physical health. For those who’ve mainly attended in-person classes, some of the pricier equipment may wind up being a better investment. Even though it may be a higher cost upfront, it’ll likely be cheaper in the long run than a few years of studio classes or personal trainer sessions.

If you’re super busy and find yourself constantly scrambling to book a session with a personal trainer or hit your local workout studio, the convenience of working out at home may be a complete game-changer. If you’re on a tight budget, the Nike Training Club app is free and features plenty of workouts that don’t require equipment.

How to Choose an At-Home Gym Subscription

Think an at-home gym subscription is for you but not sure which one to choose? Here are some things to keep in mind when considering an at-home gym experience.

  • Pricing: Consider what your monthly budget is for your at-home gym subscription. Can you afford to invest in a large piece of equipment, or can you only handle a subscription right now? That will help you find the best at-home gym subscription for you.
  • Type of classes: Do you like live classes? Or on-demand classes? Perhaps you want to try out both? Many platforms have a mix, but be sure to double-check before signing up.
  • Equipment requirements: Some people may live in a small place while others might have a space in their home they can’t wait to transform into a gym. Be clear on how you’d like to handle the equipment you might need for your at-home gym subscription before you make an investment.
  • Free trial: Scared of commitment? Trust us, we get it. Most subscriptions on this list offer a free trial. If you stumble across one that doesn’t, and you don’t feel comfortable taking a chance, move onto the next option.
  • Platforms: Do you prefer to stream your workouts through your smart TV? Would you rather have your workouts on an app so you can sweat on the go? Consider how you’d like your at-home gym subscription content delivered before settling on a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an At-Home Gym Subscription?

An at-home gym subscription is a virtual gym experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Some subscriptions require equipment, like the Peloton bike, while others are offered through an app, like The Pilates Class. We love that these subscriptions offer flexibility and a great workout, often for less than you’d pay for an in-person personal trainer.

How Much Do At-Home Gym Subscriptions Cost?

Pricing for at-home gym subscriptions varies. Some are free, like the Nike Training Club app. Others, like Tonal and the Lululemon Studio Mirror, can cost a few thousand dollars. If you find that you’re particularly interested in a pricier piece of equipment, there still might be an option for you to finance.

What Workouts Do At-Home Gym Subscriptions Offer?

Yoga, cycling, strength training, and Pilates are just a few examples of workouts you can explore with an at-home gym subscription. Some platforms have live workouts and thousands of classes while others may have a smaller selection of workouts, with the idea you will revisit them over and over.

Do You Need Equipment for At-Home Gym Subscriptions?

It depends. Some companies might require you to buy their equipment to access their services, like Peloton. Others have options to use some form of their services without purchasing their equipment. This is usually through an app or digital subscription where you can take bodyweight-focused classes.


We reviewed 20 different companies before settling on our eight picks for best at-home gym subscriptions. We considered innovation, price point, and class length when making our selections. Nominations that included expensive equipment were scored against the average cost of an in-person studio membership to determine if it would be a worthwhile investment for some users. We also reached out to a health and wellness expert to provide insight into the benefits of at-home gym subscriptions.

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