Cloud Skin, Bold Liner, and Cherry Lips—These Are Summer 2023’s Biggest Makeup Trends

Gigi Hadid wearing red lipstick summer 2023 makeup trend

The sun is out and we are welcoming the much needed hit of serotonin from all angles—and yes, that includes our makeup routines. After wearing muted hues all winter, it’s time to spark some joy again with our product selection. Queue a bright bold lip, some extra sweeps of blush, and colorful eyeliner. Luckily we aren’t the only ones approaching this summer with the same attitude. We talked to Beck Morgan, Armani Beauty’s National Face Designer, and Sara Wren, Milk Makeup’s Global Artistry Director, about what’s inspiring them for the upcoming season.

“This summer I am looking at streetwear fashion trends like bold suits in strong shapes and colors. It feels fresh and unexpected but also wearable,” says Morgan. “Bold lips are a great pairing for this. Coral is especially fun for summer and just says ‘vacation,’ even if it’s worn to the office.” But more on that later.

Keep scrolling to check out the best summer 2023 makeup trends, according to experts.


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Cloud Skin

Lily James wearing the cloud skin summer makeup trend

“Cloud skin, AKA makeup with a soft matte finish that looks breathable and stays humidity-proof, is going to continue to be huge this summer,” says Wren. She suggests pairing a mattifying primer with your go-to dewy complexion products to create a soft shine and controlled finish—a great way to summer-proof any of your year round favorites.

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Cherry Popsicle Lips

Gigi Hadid with cherry popsicle lips

Both artists express their love for a red lip paired with bronzed summer skin. But this year there will be a fresh take on the classic hue. “Last year we saw a lot of peachy pink lip colors, this year I see intense coral and red making a surprise comeback,” says Morgan. “I love it for my clients that want a quick, professional look that is great in person or on Zoom.”  Similarly Wren notes that this pop of color brings an effortless ‘cool’ to any look. She suggests picking your favorite lip shade and pairing it with a plumping gloss to achieve a universally flattering coral-red juicy lip.

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Grunge Lashes

Grace Van Patten grunge eyelashes

“Grunge glam is still having a moment, but needs some small tweaks for summer,” says Wren. “My go-to for some drama on the eyes will always be mascara.” She likes the Milk Makeup Kush High Volumizing Mascara ($28) because it leaves the lashes looking fluffy and full. “I like to turn the mascara wand vertically to build more pigment and create a purposefully ‘baddie’ lash effect,” she adds.

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Bronzed Skin

Jenna Ortega with bronzed skin

A tan for summer will always be in, but luckily we have plenty of ways to fake a sun-kissed look without any of the damage. Wren suggests grabbing your favorite cream bronzing stick and get to blending. “I love to take it across the high points of the face, mix it with moisturizer, or use on the body,” she says. “All the bronzed goodness without the harmful rays!”

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Metallic Eyes

Michela Jae metallic eyes

“Metallic eyes in playful colors, like orange and blue, are so perfect for summer. We’re finally getting back to a full mask-free world attending parties and festivals. A return to group gatherings makes everyone excited to get ready and make a splash with color,” says Morgan. “To make it wearable, pick one shade across the eyelid and wear multiple coats of mascara—I find it harder to wear when you try to do multiple, bright metallic shades.” He recommends the Armani beauty Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow in Petrol ($36) as a great option to start with.

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Bold Lip Liner

JT wearing bold lip liner

Our obsession with the ’90s lives on with bold lip liner continuing to have such a moment. Wren backs the trend—and her secret doesn’t even include your traditional lip liner. “I use Milk Makeup Infinity Long Wear Eyeliner in Limitless ($22), on the lips. Yes, really,” she says. “You can use this liner on your lips for a classic brown liner that lasts longer than your average lip liner.”

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Icy Tones

Dua Lipa icy toned eyeshadow

With the constant craze of Y2K trends on TikTok, the signature icy tones and colors of the time are also on the rise. “I’ve been really inspired by the resurgence of Y2K fashion and the cool tones in makeup to compliment it. Think Paris Hilton in shimmery icy silver eye,” says Morgan. If you aren’t ready to commit to a full silver look, he suggests trying a cool toned blush or lipstick instead.

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Glowy Complexions

Woman with glowing complexion

“It’s okay to glow during the summer. Often people will try to control the humidity and shine too much—I think it looks more natural to go with the glow and embrace it,” says Morgan. “Play with glowing foundation, cream blush, cream eyeshadows and satin lips where it wears more beautifully through the heat. If you are wanting to skip the foundation for summer all together, I think a glowing powder can work well and is a snap to apply!” He personally wears Armani beauty Luminous Silk Glow Setting Powder ($64) alone all summer for this very effect.



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