Don’t Be Afraid of the Medusa Bangs Trend

Dua Lipa with Medusa bangs

When you have snakes for hair, it’s pretty hard to shed your bad reputation. But the new “Medusa bangs” trend might be what the most famous mythical monster needs for a rebrand. “Medusa Bangs are a sultry style of bangs that are cut into tendrils that frame the face, sheltering the eyes and softening the appearance of the hairline,” explains hairstylist and Evo hair creative director, Tom Smith.

Like a lot of ’90s revival trends, Medusa bangs started with Pamela Anderson and her overgrown fringe, but lately Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande have been seen sporting them. “This style of bangs is growing in popularity thanks to its sexy and sultry look (a progression of the Pam Anderson style fringe locks) combined with its relatively low commitment and practical styling,” Smith says. “While it is technically skimming the eyes, the lightweight density of the bang means with the correct product choice it can be a very tolerable way of softening your look with a long, soft bang.” Ahead, we break down the trend.

Jennie Kim wearing Medusa bangs

Who Can Wear Medusa Bangs

Like most bang trends, it’s all about finding the right version for you. A major plus is that Medusa bangs are a great way to introduce fringe to your style. “This look is great for those who want to try a fringe or bang but are hesitant to lose thickness from their length,” Smith says. “It’s also a great low commitment style as the finer strands of the hair can be swept away more easily than a thick blunt bang on those occasions where you need your hair off your face.”


How to Find the Best Medusa Bangs for You

Feeling a little commitment shy? No fear—you can still take the look for a test drive. “If you already have a long, sweeping bottleneck or curtain bang you can achieve this look temporarily by styling your hair up into an undone, swept updo, pulling some strands of your bang up and securing away, leaving a piecier medusa bang remaining,” Smith says.


Those who are willing to make the chop should take a “less is more” approach. “This requires a more visual approach than a traditional bang and your hairstylist should account for your parting or any strong growth patterns around your hairline,” Smith says. “The length should softly curve from shorter in the middle to longer on the edges but should be intentionally gappy and longer in the length so it skims the eyelids.”

How To Style Medusa Bangs

Dua Lipa with Medusa bangs

“Product choice here is essential to ensure the fringe is not fluffy nor greasy,” Smith says. “I like to prep with a bit of dry shampoo or texturizing spray—I like Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo ($31)—at the roots of the fringe to keep it looking fresh and intentional, and then layer a tiny amount of a nourishing cream worked into the palms and allowed to evaporate off a bit before touching the mids and ends of the bang to add piecey separation and definition without grease.” His go-to for that is a tiny amount of Olaplex No. 6 ($30).


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