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Farmasi: Best Products and Brand Review


While you may not be familiar with Turkish-born beauty brand Farmasi, it’s amassed a huge following over the years (the brand hashtag has over 3 million posts on Instagram, and there are countless video reviews and tutorials worldwide on YouTube). With collections created around active ingredients like rose, calendula, and aloe, Farmasi boasts the skincare and makeup variety similar to The Body Shop and the international cache (with an affordable price range) like La Roche-Posay. So, we got to work investigating the brand, how it operates, and which products users love the most.


FOUNDED: Dr. Cevdet Tuna, 2004

BASED IN: Istanbul, Turkey


BEST KNOWN FOR: A broad selection of quality products spanning the makeup, bath and body, and skincare categories at affordable prices.

MOST POPULAR PRODUCT: Sun Kiss Bronzing Powder, Stay Matte Foundation

FUN FACT: Product and packaging are manufactured in-house utilizing water from natural wells located within the facility.

OTHER BRANDS YOU’LL LOVE: The Body Shop, La Roche-Posay

While Farmasi remains relatively obscure stateside, the brand claims to be the largest cosmetics and personal care facility in Turkey, and one of the largest in Europe, producing more than one million pieces daily. The Turkish brand, founded by Dr. Cevdet Tuna, started as a pharmaceutical manufacturer in the ’50s and evolved into a cosmetics manufacturer over the years. In 2004, the company began selling makeup under their namesake, Farmasi, and launched skincare five years later under the name Dr. C Tuna.

Farmasi has gained a loyal following overseas for its high-quality products, low price points, and eco-friendly mission. Every product from lipsticks and mascaras to face masks and body wash is manufactured in-house utilizing water from natural wells located within the facility, without parabens, phosphates, phthalates, or formaldehyde. The brand is also a supporter of animal rights and ethical treatment, ensuring none of their products are tested on animals.

Farmasi is also an MLM (multilevel marketing) company wherein customers can choose to serve as a “Beauty Influencer” for the brand and distribute product for profit (sellers will receive a 50% commission based on the total purchase of each customer). On the company website, you’ll find an income disclaimer stating, “Based on industry standards and company projections, the average annual gross revenue for Entrepreneurs is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000. Please note: These numbers do not reflect the expenses associated with building a Farmasi business, which could exceed the commissions received.”

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of Farmasi before, the brand just began shipping to the US in 2019. Below are the products you might want to give a try.

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Sun Kiss Bronzing Powder

sunkiss bronzing powder
Farmasi Sun Kiss Bronzing Powder $15.00

There’s nothing like an affordable product that lasts. Farmasi’s $20 Sun Kiss Bronzing Powder is bigger than the size of your palm, so it’s sure to keep you glowing all year long. The shimmer-free powder gives you color without the shine, and although matte, the silky pressed formula won’t make you look chalky.

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Pro To Fit Eyeshadow Primer

farmasi eye primer
Farmasi Pro To Fit Eyeshadow Primer $11.00

Not only does an eyeshadow primer prevent creasing and smudging, it also gives you a neutral canvas that maximizes the intensity of any color you apply. This quick-drying formula is non-transferable and makes your shadow last all day long, for less than the price of your morning coffee.

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VFX Pro Camera Ready Foundation

Farmasi VFX Pro Camera Ready Foundation $25.00

If you’re on the hunt for a full (and we mean full) coverage foundation, look no further than Farmasi’s VFX Pro Camera Ready Foundation. After falling down a YouTube rabbit hole of reviews showing this product in action and watching it cover up all traces of pigmentation, freckles, breakouts, and dark circles, we’re convinced it’s worth the trial.

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VFX Pro Strobe Cream

farmasi strobe cream
Farmasi VFX Pro Strobe Cream $14.00

If you’re a sucker for a dupe, this illuminating primer is a similar to MAC’s fan-favorite Strobe Cream. Apply it all over for a boost of hydration and instant glow, or wear it on the high points of your face as a highlighter. And the best part is the formula is oil-free, so you can get the brightening effect without looking greasy.

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Dr. C Tuna Calendula Face Wash

farmasi face wahs
Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Calendula Face Wash $15.00

It’s no secret the key to amazing skin starts with a really good cleanser. You want something that gets rid of all traces of dirt, excess oil, and makeup, but doesn’t dry out your skin. This cleanser is packed with calendula oil, a natural oil extracted from marigold flowers known for its antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema or acne, consider adding this cleanser to your cart.

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Dr. C Tuna Tea Tree Clay Mask

tea tree mask
Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Tea Tree Clay Mask $11.00

If you have $11 to spend and 15 minutes to carve out of your Sunday morning, this deep-cleaning face mask is the skincare addition your weekend is missing. Tea tree oil has been used in traditional medicine for centuries because of its germ-fighting, antibacterial, and healing powers. This tea-tree-oil infused clay mask claims it will help to clear impurities and absorb excess sebum.

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Dr. C Tuna Age Reversist Serum

age reverisist
Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Age Reversist Serum Varies

The Age Reversist collection by Dr. C Tuna seems to have a mass following online. Any fan of Farmasi is sure to have at least one of these anti-aging items in their rotation, and what better way to introduce yourself to the collection than with their serum. This fast-absorbing formula hydrates skin without leaving a heavy, greasy feel behind.

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Dr. C Tuna Pure Rose Water

Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Pure Rose Water $40.00

Farmasi’s rose water collection includes the most expensive products the brand offers. Rose water is packed with antioxidants and has been known to soothe irritation, reduce redness, and even enhance your mood. Soak a cotton pad with Dr. C Tuna’s Pure Rose Water to balance the skin’s moisture levels.

Pour some of the rose water into an empty spray bottle, and you’ve got yourself a soothing, hydrating face mist.


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Dr. C Tuna Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Black Mask

charcoal mask
Farmasi Dr. C Tuna Activated Charcoal Detoxifying Black Mask $6.00

If you’ve ever been curious about those black peeling masks you see all over Instagram, this Detoxifying Black Mask is the stuff of your viral skincare dreams. It’s packed with charcoal to extract oil, dirt, blackheads and dead skin, but also contains vitamin B3 for a simultaneous boost of hydration. However, this peel-off mask is not for the faint of heart: reviews say it leaves skin feeling soft, but removal might draw a tear or two, so consider using sparingly and only in areas of congestion (not all over your entire face).


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