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Discovered: The 15 Greatest Golden Smoky Eye Inspiration Photographs

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Throughout history, the color gold has long been associated with luxury, success, and royalty. Touches of gold can instantly elevate a room, outfit, and yes—even your eye makeup look. Being one of the most versatile shades that looks great on all skin tones, playing around with gold eyeshadows, highlighters, and more gives us even more reason to get excited about our current (and future) makeup looks. Ahead, we rounded up some seriously decadent golden smoky eyeshadow looks to jumpstart your inspiration around this trend.

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Golden Glam

A soft, smoky mix of gold, bronze, and champagne tones work together to debut a gorgeous golden smoky eye that we can’t stop staring at. For an eye-catching highlight, apply your lightest, shimmery eyeshadow color on the browbone. Using a thick eyeshadow stick, like Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour Chameleon pencil in Golden Quartz ($27) can help you achieve a similar outcome.

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Multi-Dimensional Gold

Different dimensions bring this golden smoky eyeshadow look to life, we love how the liner and crease contour capture the essence entirely, not to mention the shimmering golden tone is gorgeous on her skin tone. Soft glossy lips and defined brows are the perfect pairings for this eyeshadow masterpiece.

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Glossy Golden Hour

The gift of gold keeps on giving with this glossy golden eyeshadow look, the most unique part is that while you might not feel it’s “smoky” by expected standard, the different dimensions of the gold define the crease to create defined shadowing. With an added touch of gloss to really get things shining, we are legit drooling over how pretty this looks.

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Jewel-Toned Gold

Foil like golden shadows graces the lids and inner corners of eyes to create a bright, jewel-toned shadow look with lots of beautiful definition in the crease. Add a few coats of your favorite volumizing mascara to really seal in all the goodness this eyeshadow look has to offer. For a variation on all things gold eyeshadow, try Urban Decay’s Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette ($49) and have fun experimenting with all the colors.

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Wingin’ It

Adding a classic wing to a golden smoky eyeshadow creates a dynamic duo that makes quite an impact. The boldness of the wing with the ethereal softness of the gold gives us all the inspiration to re-create this look ourselves.

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Shimmering Golden Bronze

Smoky eyes are timeless, and bronzey-golden ones are even better. The rich, warm tones of this eyeshadow look pair well with soft skin and matte nude lips. For the defined black eyeliner look, apply a waterproof formula to the inner rim of the eyes to ensure it lasts all day and keeps doing its part for this stunning eyeshadow look.

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Lethal Golden Bronze

Bronze, gold, and piercing black eyeliner brings serious drama when combined together. The sharpness of the winged liner and mix of eyeshadow tones is a lethal combination for an eyeshadow look that packs a serious punch.

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Golden Foil

For this smoky golden eyeshadow look, all you need to do is add some direct sunlight and watch the glistening gleam for hours. Metallic golden shadows are applied near the browbone and lids while a deeper color blended into the crease brings out more of a smoky vibe. Who says it needs to stop there? Continue the party on the cheeks to add some glowing golden highlight. To help re-create the foil-like highlight for this look, try Tarte’s Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in shade Pot of Gold ($22) on the eyes and cheeks.

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Golden Emmy

If this golden smoky look is good enough for the red carpet, it most certainly is good enough for us. The most unique part of this makeup look aside from the different hues of gold that frame the eyes, are the golden lips to accentuate it all.

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Bronze Undersmoke

Gold eyeshadow on top with bronze under-smoke on the bottom showcases both shadows nicely and brings a twist to a standard everyday shadow look that’s a tad smokier than usual. But what is an under-smoke, you ask? It’s when lighter shadow shades are only applied to the top lids, and deeper shadow shades are blended only under the bottom lash line to create a definitive contrast.

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Rose Golden Smoky Glow

A unique twist on gold, rose gold has become an increasingly popular color and when used as an accent with a smoky shadow looks unreal on the eyes. We are stunned by the subtle touches of rose gold here and love how it’s placed strategically in the center of the eyelid, while smoky eyeshadow on the inner and outer corners of the eyes bring full-on dimension.

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All That Glitters is Gold

Flecks of golden glitter grace the eyelids here for a beautiful sparkle. This eyeshadow look is suitable to wear all year round and notably, makes a significant impression during the holiday season.

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Golden Dream Girl

Soft golden lids and a bold red lip are giving us major feels, these tones work so well together to create a glam makeup look that still looks easy and effortless. We love how different tones of gold are showcased on the eyelids by mixing a few shadow colors, there’s nothing better than when the light hits your lids for that exceptional golden glow.

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It’s All Gold, Baby Baby

Bring the heat with this sultry liquid liner look with a delightful pop of golden eyeshadow smack dab in the center of the lids. This makeup trick illuminates the eyes instantly and is beautifully paired with glowing skin and nude lips. Victoria Beckham Beauty Smoky Brick Eyeshadow in Silk ($56) gives a beautiful variety of golden eyeshadow hues to choose from.

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Champagne Dreams of Gold

The soft and light champagne gold shadow leaves more of a statement than you realize, the crease is defined and the delicately blended nude lips along with the envious highlight on those stunning cheekbones are a gorgeous combination. Gold has intertwined itself throughout this makeup look in the best way possible.

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