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From Barbie Blonde to Onyx, Here Are Summer 2023’s Biggest Hair Colors

Beyonce wearing summer hair color trends 2023

Looking to refresh your hair color as the temps start to rise? Then there’s one place you might want to look for inspo: Greta Gerwig’s much-anticipated Barbie movie, since Barbie blonde is—no surprise—getting a lot of attention these days. But it’s not just the fair haired that can jump onboard the hottest summer 2023 hair color trends. There’s also glossy brunette, tangy peach and midnight onyx, to name a few.

Pro stylists filled us in on the trends that will be everywhere this summer, but no matter what shade you go, Danielle Vallortigara, a colorist at Florida’s Salon Yoshiko, has some advice: “For any color treatment, always schedule your appointment with a reputable colorist,” she says. “They will be able to create a custom shade for you. Regular haircuts keep your new look fresh.” She also recommends a nourishing treatment mask, she likes the Virtue Restorative, Hydrating Treatment Hair Mask ($34). “Masks keep color fresh and vibrant.” says Vallortigara, who works with the brand.

With the basics out of the way, here are the biggest summer 2023 hair color trends. There’s a little something for everyone.

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Glossy Brunette

Laura Harrier with glossy brunette hair

“Proving that brown hair doesn’t have to be boring, brunettes are no longer just brunettes,” Vallortigara says. “This particular color trend is all about the glassy finish with lots of brightness and shine. This color is great for someone whose color is in the brunette family. Tip: If you’re not a natural brunette, consider using a cool-toned brown dye, which will lend hair the desired bright, glassy finish.”

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Lavender Blonde

Lavender blonde hair color

“We will still see our blondes out there, but to make them more interesting, you can glaze them with very soft undertones, like this cool ash blonde that has been glazed with a violet and clear Color Calypso demi-permanent gloss,” says Moroccanoil Global Color Ambassador Greg Gilmore. “[It] just gives a pop of something different but doesn’t come with a hard commitment.”

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Low-Maintenance Blonde

Summer blonde hair color

“A lot of my blondes are becoming more rooted and are wanting pops around the face for maintenance appointments,” says Moroccanoil Global Color Ambassador Jessica Scott Santo. “Usually, the front of the face is where they want to be the brightest. And this is a good way to take a break from lightening the hair every six weeks and [to] have a soft, seamless grow out. It’s great for a low-maintenance blonde where they might not be able to get to the salon as often but still [want to] keep the brightness. I would recommend Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo ($12) between appointments.”

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Tangy Peach

Tangy peach hair color

Consider this summer 2023’s update on the rose gold craze. “This is a perfect cheeky shade for those looking to make a fun and colorful change,” Vallortigara says. “It’s perfect for spring. This trend is best for blonde hair or anyone that wants to add a splash of red to their current tresses. This color really pops on warm skin tones.”

It’s also a fun way to try on a pastel shade. “It’s more interesting to customize your tones so that they still give the wearer a sense of individuality,” Gilmore says. “Soft pastels are for ones who are fun and creative. They don’t mind taking risks with their looks and trying new things.”

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Brunette Pop

Beyonce with brunette pop hair

Blondes aren’t the only ones looking for lighter pieces in the front—the same goes for brunettes, according to Scott Santo. She says that many of her clients are looking to go darker all-over, but with a bold pop in the front for “a little edge and more richness. It’s good for those brunettes who are looking for something different!”

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Gemini Hair

Miley Cyrus with marbled hair

Star signs influence so much, so why not your hair color, too? Celebrities like Billie Eilish and Miley Cyrus are responsible for sparking this look, also called “marbled hair.” Says Vallortigara, “The trend is all about mixing hues, whether it’s two contrasting shades or mixing complementary colors, or playing around with multi-tonal hues. This color will help you express your bright personality through your hair.”

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Bronde Balayage

Bronde balyage

“Can’t forget the Bieber trend,” Scott Santo says. “I’m doing more bronde hair balayage looks. It’s classy, soft, seamless, and more natural looking and brings back the youth in themselves. It’s a good way to keep their blonde hair, but just adding a little softness to it.”

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Midnight Onyx

Simone Ashley Midnight Onyx hair

Mysterious and moody, this hue isn’t just for after dark. “This is a rich black with added shine treatments to make the hair look reflective,” Vallortigara says. “This tone works best with someone that is willing to make the commitment to keeping their hair dark.”

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Ashy Dark Blonde

Cara Delevingne ashy blonde hair

“Not all people want to be blonde and you definitely have to lift up high to achieve some of those more pastel or artificial tones,” Gilmore says. “However, if you’re a person who likes to do chocolate or brunette no matter the season, you’ll love going more cool and adding just a hint of gold for brightness.”

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Barbie Blonde

Woman with Barbie blonde hair

Margot Robbie, eat your heart out. “This is more of a slightly golden blonde, not an icy blonde,” Vallortigara says. “Think of the color of the inside of a banana peel; this is the desired shade. The key to embracing this trend: Maintain the same depth of bright blonde throughout the roots, lengths, and ends of your hair. This should be a solid look from roots to end.”


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