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Hailey Bieber Says Rhode’s New Launch Is Like a “Hydrating Bath” for Your Skin

Hailey Bieber holding the new Rhode Glazing Milk

Despite the current narrative that everyone is sick and tired of celebrity beauty brands, Hailey Bieber’s Rhode has become one of the most-hyped skincare brands since launching a year ago. The brand debuted with three glowy essentials, all of which have sold out at one point or another. Despite their affordable price point, Rhode’s line has become a skincare status symbol of sorts for those in the know.

“The past year has blown any expectation I had out of the water,” Bieber tells Byrdie about the brand’s success. “I’ve felt embraced by the skincare community, and our customers have continued to inspire me, sharing feedback about how much they love the products, which makes me excited to grow our assortment and community.”

From the start, the brand’s mission has been “one of everything really good,” which is why they’ve been hesitant to launch a new addition to the lineup—until now, that is. On June 15, Rhode is dropping the Glazing Milk ($29), a dewy hydrating essence. Ahead, Hailey Bieber herself gives us all the details on the new formula.

Hailey Bieber with new Rhode Glazing Milk on her face

The Inspiration

“I’m all about having dewy, hydrated skin and want to continue to launch products that can help achieve that,” Bieber tells Byrdie of the new launch. “Since bringing our three core products to market last June, I’ve been inspired to push the boundaries to introduce our most innovative formula yet with long-term results that help visibly reduce the appearance of redness and improve your barrier for healthier skin.”

Rhode Glazing Milk bottle

The Product

As a lightweight essence, Rhode’s Glazing Milk is made to be the first step in your skincare routine. It’s packed with skin-strengthening ingredients to give you an instant juicy glow and calm, hydrated skin down the line.

“We are all about protecting and hydrating the skin, and I’ve been obsessed with the idea of creating a formula that preps the skin for products to follow but also acts as a nourishing treatment all on its own,” says Bieber. “Glazing Milk not only is packed with clinically-proven ingredients itself, but it layers perfectly under skincare and makeup and provides an immediate boost of hydration and bouncy feel to the skin.”

Like all Rhode products, Glazing Milk will endow your skin with a glazed sheen. “When customers use Glazing Milk, I hope they feel like they just emerged from a hydrating and refreshing bath that they want to get right back in,” says Bieber. “You truly feel like your skin’s thirst has been quenched.”

Rhode Glazing Milk texture

The Formula

“Glazing Milk has a super milky, creamy texture, but despite that, it absorbs so quickly and provides a luminous sheen,” Bieber says. “I’ve been testing it since last summer, working through different iterations to get it just right with my team, and the finished product is something I truly won’t ever stop using. It’s the essential prep step.”

Glazing Milk is the first product in the Rhode family to use the brand’s Ceramide Trio, which helps strengthen the skin barrier and protect against dehydration and water loss. “I have incorporated ceramides into my skincare routine for years to avoid dull and dehydrated skin and have been fascinated by their ability to restore the skin’s fragile moisture barrier,” explains Bieber. “Our trio acts as a skin-identical lipid concentrate that preps the skin to absorb all our products better.”

The formula also includes beta-glucan to lock even more moisture in, as well as a blend of magnesium, copper, and zinc to defend against free radicals like pollution and environmental stressors “for plump, happy, healthy-looking skin.”


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