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Hailey Bieber’s Blobby Tie Dye Nails Are Her Boldest Mani Yet

Hailey Bieber selfie

Like most people, Hailey Bieber likes shiny things. Whether she’s adding a glass finish to her skin or a pearly sheen to her nails, she’s always glazing something, and the beauty industry followed suit by going all-in on dewy skin and dainty chrome manicures. While the glazed craze may feel like it’s forever, everything in life is fleeting—and Bieber just switched up her usual glazed nails with an intricate mismatched blobby tie dye manicure.

On June 2, Bieber posted a video to her Instagram showcasing a new Rhode product set to launch soon. She wore a baby blue Miaou Renzo Tube Top ($195) with black trim across the neckline and black straps to mimic the look of a bra. She paired the top with thick gold hoop earrings, an ultra-slicked back bun, and, of course, super dewy skin (because no one can stop glazing cold turkey).


Though the rest of her look is pretty on par with Bieber’s usual clean girl vibe, her nails stopped us in our tracks: she wore a mismatched French manicure with a different design on each finger—the colorful blobs sit somewhere between a tie dye and aura effect.

hailey bieber's left hand showing the mismatched aura French manicure


Starting on her left pinky finger to her left thumb, Bieber wore a yellow and pink aura French tip, a marbled feathery design with a pale green base, a mismatched ombre aura with a pink base that blends into a fuchsia tip, a hazy yellow French tip, and a creamy milk bath base with pink aura polka dots scattered throughout.


And starting from her right thumb to her right pinky finger, Bieber wore a strawberry milk base with green aura polka dots, a yellow base with a single pink aura dot at the tip, a black cherry base with blue aura dots, a milk bath base with black and oxblood aura dots, and a classic white French with red aura dots scattered over the French tip.

Besides the glow-in-the-dark manicure that Bieber wore to Coachella this year, her mismatched aura French mani is by far the most intricate nail look we’ve seen on the star in the past year. Bieber kickstarted the “my nails but better” trend in 2022 when she first debuted her signature glazed manicure. The manicure was simple, milky, and pearlescent, and since then, the biggest trending manicures haven’t been too out there in terms of color or design.

Still, after a year of wearing nails without any cool patterns, it was inevitable for the trends to sway towards flashier manicures, even for the queen of simple glazed nails. Aura nails have been making a comeback, and while most interpretations of the trend uses vibrant colors, Bieber’s nails all err on the pastel and muted side, which fits perfectly into her minimalist style. Bieber recently wore a bunch of bows in her hair, too, which leads us to believe that the celeb is having a little more fun with her look this summer.

Bieber’s mismatched tie dye nails are far from simple to recreate, but as the saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Your best bet to land this manicure is to visit a professional nail tech. But if you’re keen on doing your own nails, here are a few pointers. First, paint your nails with whichever base color you prefer. Angie Bonilla of @amelodyxnails previously shared with Byrdie her hack for creating the aura dots: “You can use a few drops of gel polish and mix it with acetone instead,” she says. “My usual ratio is three drops of gel and four of acetone.” After placing aura dots along your nail, seal everything in with a high-shine top coat. Et voila, a manicure that’ll add drama to any look you put together this season.


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