Hailey Bieber’s Strawberry French Manicure Couldn’t Be Cuter

Hailey Bieber selfie

When it comes to her content, Hailey Bieber is in her wholesome era. She’s been taking to Instagram to share her latest recipes, candid photos with friends, and her anxiety-relieving wellness rituals (which include a cold plunge tank). While supporting her fellow beauty founder, Bieber just revealed the cutest strawberry French manicure that we’ll be copying ASAP.

Bieber has been posting all about Rhode’s latest Glazing Milk launch, but between a string of reposted stories of fans wearing the product, Bieber took time to shout out her bestie Kylie Jenner’s new Kylie Skin Tinted Butter Balm ($18). “These are so yummy,” Bieber wrote in her story on June 13, where she held the light pink product in her hand. She wore a cluster of stacked gold rings, and the product’s pink packaging complemented her new strawberry French nails.

Hailey Bieber's pink and red french manicure

The star wore her go-to-nail shape—a medium-length almond—while showing off her colorful French manicure. The mani features a bubblegum pink tip that’s vibrant and opaque, and instead of using a nude base that you would find in a traditional French manicure, Bieber opted for a firetruck red base. The color combo is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, but Bieber proves it can work at any time of the year. Plus, plenty of beauty brands like Glossier and Topicals have been mixing pink and red on their packaging, leading us to believe the combo is about to be everywhere.

Although Bieber’s previous abstract tie-dye manicure included a myriad of aura-like designs that were too complicated to recreate at home, her strawberry French nails are pretty easy to DIY. First, file and buff your nails to your preferred shape, and apply a ridge-filling base coat to create a smooth foundation. Then, apply two coats of red nail polish like Emilie Heathe’s Nail Artist Polish ($30) in The Perfect Red and allow it to dry completely.

You can apply a pink French tip either one of two ways. The first uses a fine art brush, and Dazzle Dry nail artist Hannah Thayers previously told Byrdie “I like to put my first stroke down lightly across the center of the nail tip and then connect the sides stroking towards the middle with a little swooping action.” If this is too complicated for you, the second technique uses an angled brush to easily draw a “smile line” on your nail top. Either way, choose a creamy bubblegum pink nail polish like Orly’s Breathable Nail Polish ($11) in Taffy To Be Here to get the look and seal everything in with a glossy top coat.


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