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Hair Gems Are the Latest Y2K Beauty Trend to Hit TikTok

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Remember the pure joy you felt bedazzling your hair as a kid? With each sparkly, colorful gemstone punched into your locks, there was a tiny thrill. The great news is hair gems are back—the Y2K favorite accessory is now going viral on TikTok. And they just might be summer 2022’s prettiest hair trend.

In case you aren’t a 90s baby, sparkly hair gems are temporarily attached to hair with a bedazzler, a circular plastic clamper gadget. Though the process hasn’t changed since we used them at sleepovers and birthday parties, the vibe certainly has. Attaching crystals and rhinestones to your strands still isn’t an everyday look, but it’s perfect for bachelorette parties and summer soirees. Instead of school dances, they’re now cropping up at music festivals—essentially the grownup equivalent.


How to Apply Hair Gems

Getting blinged-out hair is as easy as ever. Follow the lead of TikTok user Sophie Murray who set off the trend, and buy an OG bedazzler like the Blinger Ultimate Set ($20), which will take you back to your childhood. When that inevitably runs out, you can reload with the Blinger Official 12 Piece Ultimate Shapes Refill Set ($16).

If you’re feeling more artistic—or don’t need another hair tool filling up your vanity—you can opt for hair glue to apply each gemstone individually, such as the Got2B Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue ($10). Since the formula is water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about your gems going MIA. Simply coat the back of the gemstone with the glue and stick it wherever you want. This method works best if you’re adding gems to braids or edges.

For extra precision, you can use a dotting tool to apply the glue, so there won’t be glue glooping over your bling. Another option is using eyelash glue to attach the hair gems.


Play with Your Hair Gems Style

There’s more than one way to wear hair gems. Applying them throughout wavy hair worn down gives off more whimsical vibes and is a popular option. You can also slick hair back and create a pattern there, bedazzle edges, or use them to decorate your hairline. Even pair them with another Y2K trend like baby braids or a spiky bun for the ultimate throwback look. It’s all about getting creative!

How to Remove Hair Gems

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the removal process is like, especially for the glue. Luckily, it’s a lot more low maintenance than you probably think. Just pick off the gemstones one by one, and then follow up with a regular shampoo session to ensure all the glue is gone.

Whether you opt for a bedazzler or go the DIY route, hair gems will deliver Y2K beauty nostalgia in the best way.

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