He is DIOR J’ADORE in my heart

Recently, the top luxury brand Dior DIOR released an advertising campaign for the menswear line’s pre-fall collection.


This blockbuster is performed by Ukrainian male model Alex Khristenko (Alex Khristenko).


To be honest, I think he is really good-looking, and he is very suitable for DIOR. He is DIOR J’ADORE in my heart!


I especially like this skinny boy, Skinny Boy!


When it comes to the catwalk, it really has a unique taste.


I think he is very delicate and watery. His big eyes reflect the sun, as if the sun is dancing in it, his curled eyelashes quiver playfully, like a lovely butterfly, and his tender pink lips are slightly hooked upwards, making him look very energetic and cute.


I like his long legs, full of youthful feeling!


Although he is not very distinctive and not very recognizable, he is really cute.


I am optimistic about his future, he is DIOR J’ADORE in my heart!

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