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Here’s Your Complete Guide to the Best Products From KimChi Chic Beauty

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It’s no secret that drag queens are notorious for being some of the most talented in the game regarding makeup artistry and transformation. If you’ve ever attended a drag show, you’ve witnessed just how incredible the makeup can be—let alone the performances. So when famous drag queen Kim Chi launched a makeup line, we needed to get all the details stat.

Kim Chi is no stranger to knowing practically everything there is to know about the topic. A talented performer, Kim Chi felt frustrated with the makeup kit options for drag performances yet didn’t want to break the bank. Still needing products that yielded high-performance results, she decided to take matters into her own hands and launched KimChi Chic Beauty in 2019.

The goal is to create products with a strong color payoff and make them affordable to anyone who might want to use them. “I just told myself one day that I would launch my own line to do my entire face only using my products, and it would be available to everyone at a great price point; we truly do sacrifice profit for the benefit of everyone’s makeup artistry.

From colorful shadow palettes to one of the most popular loose powders on the market (it’s always sold out), there’s something for everyone at KimChi Chic Beauty that’s fun and affordable. Ahead, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Kim Chi Chic Beauty, along with a stellar product selection to shop immediately.


FOUNDED BY: Kim Chi, 2019

BASED IN: Los Angeles, CA

BEST KNOWN FOR: Affordable, colorful, high-pigmented makeup that you can use for any creative look

MOST POPULAR PRODUCT: Puff Puff Pass Loose Powder, Drama Queen Highlighting Palettes

FUN FACT: KimChi Chic Beauty has partnered with The Trevor Project. A portion of all of the proceeds sold from KimChi Chic Beauty is donated to help prevent suicide among LGBTQ youth.

OTHER BRANDS YOU’LL LOVE: ColourPop, Morph Cosmetics, Lime Crime

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Drama Queen Highlighter Palette

Kim Chi Chic Beauty
Kim Chi Chic Beauty Drama Queen Highlighter Palette $19.00

You can use these highlighters to accentuate eyes, cheeks, and even the collarbone for any makeup look you’re in the mood to create. Experiment with one or two shades, or try all six—each one is unique and beautiful.

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Puff Puff Pass Loose Powder

kim Chi chic beauty
Kim Chi Chic Beauty Puff Puff Pass Loose Powder $18.00

One of the most sought-after products in the brand, this loose powder comes in 7 shades, translucent being the most popular and consistently sold-out shade of all. With many uses, some of the most common are to use it to highlight and set makeup; there’s a reason why the description says you’ll be looking “snatched” all-day when wearing.

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Rainbow Sharts Eyeshadow Palette

Kim Chi Chic Beauty
Kim Chi Chic Beauty Rainbow Sharts Eyeshadow Palette $28.00

With a playful name, this palette comes with 18 different colors that you can use anywhere on the face, and the size is fairly large compared to the competition, making it an amazing value.

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Happy Eyeshadow Palette -“I Am Feeling Sweet”

Kim Chi Chic Beauty
Kim Chi Chic Beauty Happy Palette “I Am Feeling Sweet” $25.00

For those who tend to wear more natural, earth-tone colors, this palette gives you endless options for creating experimental eyeshadow looks. There are 15 colors in total, with seven soft and buttery shimmer colors, and the rest matte. Wear it anywhere and everywhere.

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Glam Tears

Kim Chi Chic Beauty
Kim Chi Chic Beauty Glam Tears $16.00

Apply this face and body highlighter liberally on your legs, collarbone, shoulders—anywhere you want an unmistakable glow. If you want dewy makeup, mix Glam Tears with your foundation, and highlight your brow and cheekbones with it, too!

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Diamond Sharts

Kim Chi Chic beauty
Kim Chi Chic Beauty Diamond Sharts Liquid Eyeshadow $5.00

In this case, the more glitter, the better. These glittery liquid eyeshadows are really easy to apply (doe-foot applicator included) and are long-lasting for whatever the day or night might bring. All you need to do is swipe and go. And with an affordable price tag of five dollars, you might end up collecting every shade.

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High Key Gloss

Kim Chi Beauty
Kim Chi Chic Beauty High Key Gloss Lipgloss $5.00

If you’re looking for a gloss, you’ll love this formula which delivers a patent-leather shine. Wear alone or on top of lipstick as the final touch for your makeup look.

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The Most Concealer

Kim Chi Chic beauty
Kim Chi Chic Beauty The Most Concealer $14.00

The four c’s (correct, conceal, cover, contour) are covered with this long-wearing concealer formula—anything from blemishes or tattoos. With a matte and satin hybrid finish, it blends down well, along with offering a generous amount of product.

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