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How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

If you think getting into bed every night is nothing less than a fine treat, you are not alone. Many people think the same and love the feel of a freshly made bed. However, you cannot deny the fact that bed making is quite a time-consuming task, and you are only going to make it even more annoying by washing your sheets. But how often should you do it? Keep reading to learn more.

How Often Should You Change Your Sheets?

Doctors recommend you should be cleaning your bed sheets at least once a week. Waiting more than that will lead to the buildup of oils and sweat on sheets, which will provide bacteria with a feasible environment to grow. You may find insects on your bed that may be attracted towards food crumbs. Skin cells also provide food for dust mites to thrive.

Occasions when you should change your sheets more frequently:

This is just a guideline though – you should change bed sheets more often if you have dogs or cat at home or you sweat a lot. In this case, you should consider laundering sheets twice a week.

The answer to your question, "How often should you change your sheets?" may also change a bit if you are allergic to dust mites. In this case, you have to clean your sheets more often to avoid having skin cells in bed that attract dust mites. To deal with severe allergies, you may even have to change your sheets daily.

You will be better off washing soiled sheets promptly. Similarly, you should wash sheets immediately after incontinence, night sweats, or food stains.

The bottom line:

Under no circumstances should you be going more than a couple of weeks between sheet changes. If you do not pay attention to this, you may notice your respiratory problems become worse. There may also be dust mite infestations that will make things difficult for you to manage. On the other hand, some people change their sheets only once a month and face no health problems. That is usually true for people who do not have any allergies.

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