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How to Bake Your Face For a Budge-Proof Makeup Look

Woman Applying Foundation with a Makeup Brush Using the 'Bake' Method

When it comes to baking your makeup, you might have the wrong idea about what that really means, and that’s okay. We are here first and foremost to let you know it has absolutely nothing to do with being in the kitchen (sigh of relief) if you aren’t the most astute with recipes. If you find that your makeup creases through the day or tends to disappear, the process of baking your makeup to keep it intact might be the very thing you need to start doing to turn everything around. Not to mention, baking your makeup also yields incredible results for under-eye brightening.

Ahead, we break down everything you need to know about baking your makeup from what it really means exactly to how to do it yourself, and we even sourced some expert advice from celebrity makeup artist Lisa Aharon.


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Prime and Prep

Baking Step 1

The first step is to properly prime and prep your skin for makeup. This means applying your eye cream, moisturizer, primer, and all the products you like to have before beginning the actual application of your makeup. Aharon praises eye cream as one of the main products to ensure under eyes look as good as they can, Keeping the under-eye area moist and hydrated is crucial to avoid the appearance of dry, crepey skin,” she says, “Prep is everything, so make sure to let a generous amount of eye cream set in before your first layer of concealer. Freck Beauty’s So Jelly Cactus Eye Jelly with Plant Collagen ($28) is a fantastic lightweight option. If you prefer a creamier consistency, Joanna Vargas Revitalizing Eye Cream never lets me down. The more your skin looks hydrated, the better it will look and feel with makeup on (and off, too).”

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Apply Foundation

Baking Step 2

After you’ve applied your skincare and treatments and they’ve properly absorbed, the next step in your routine should be to apply foundation all over the face. Depending on the coverage you’re looking for will determine what product you choose; I am applying Cle de Peau Beaute’s Radiant Fluid Foundation ($130) and using the Pinnacle Foundation Brush from Anisa ($30). In a circular motion, blend your foundation all over your face until it’s evenly distributed and you’re happy with the coverage.

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Apply Concealer Under Eyes

Baking Step 3

You don’t need to limit concealer to only under the eyes, but applying it there before baking is essential when wanting your undereye area to look brighter, rested, and refreshed. I am using Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Concealer ($38) on my eyes’ inner corners and underneath them to help conceal my dark circles. I like to lightly tap it in with a concealer brush, which looks natural and not too thick. When asked about concealer, Aharon suggests the creamier, the better. “Creamy concealers, usually medium to full coverage, work wonders under a heavy coat of loose powder.” After you’ve applied concealer, blend it out with your clean finger or a brush to distribute the product to avoid caking.

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Get to Baking

Baking Step 4

Baking Your Makeup

Baking your makeup is the act of applying a setting or translucent powder to areas of the face that tend to crease over time. After applying the powder, you let it bake for 5-10 minutes and then dust off the remaining product for a flawless finish that lasts all day.


Baking Step 4A

To begin the process of baking, apply a setting or translucent powder under the eyes. On the forehead, nasolabial folds (the lines that can tend to form on either side of your mouth), and chin, basically anywhere on your face that you’ve experienced creasing. I use a translucent setting and baking powder from Catrice ($12) because I really like the way translucent powder sets on my skin. You can use powders that have pigment in them, too; whatever you prefer is completely fine. Aharon says, “The main purpose of baking is to keep the under-eye area bright and flawless while applying a heavier eye look or bold color. Of course, once dusted away, the perfect finish is revealed! Essentially, it’s setting your makeup to the extreme for an airbrushed look around the eyes and cheekbones.”

You will need to leave the powder on for 5-10 minutes to allow it to “bake” and mix with the heat of your body temperature, and set with your makeup. While you’re letting this process happen, go ahead and apply your eye makeup, define your brows and add mascara, or tend to anything else you might need to help the time pass. Before you know it, those five minutes will be up fairly quickly.

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Brush Off The Excess Powder

Baking Step 5

Once your powder has had ample enough time to bake, you can use the same brush you applied it with to smooth it out and brush off any excess powder that might be remaining. If you feel you need to add some more powder, you can certainly do that; just mist your face lightly with a facial spray like Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($20) or Rosen’s Water Face Dew ($15) before applying powder again. This will allow the powder to adhere more easily. Once you’re pleased with the results, move onto applying the rest of your makeup, such as blush, bronzer, highlight, and lips.

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You’re Baked, Beautiful

Baking Step 6

After you’ve finished applying your makeup, consider yourself fully baked. If your skin feels oily throughout the day, keep a powder compact with you for minor touch-ups, as applying loose powder on the go can sometimes backfire and be messier than when applying it at home. Experiment with a few different powder finishes to see which ones you like best for baking, and you’ll become a pro in no time at all!


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