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How to Bless a House

House blessing has been around for years, it is a way to cleanse the home and to make it full of love and happiness. When a house blessing takes place, the home is infused with health, harmony, happiness, prosperity and love. By doing this, you are creating a space that is uniquely yours, and one in which you can grow happily. Many people look at how to bless a house on their own, which is attainable, while other people may look to their religious figures for a house blessing. Here we will talk about both in detail.

How to Bless a House by Yourself or with Your Family and Friends

There are several steps house blessing on your own, however, you can do this easily, through knowing the steps of what to do.


Choose sacred music to play and ask everyone who attends to stand in a circle.


To start off, show your appreciation to those family relatives and friends who come to your call to bless the house.


Have a pink candle that lit, and pass this around the circle. As each person gets the pink candle, they can share a blessing that they hope to have in the home. The reason that the pink candle is used in how to bless a house is because of pink being the color for energy of love and kindness.


For those who want to bless certain rooms of their home, they can repeat the process in each room and say a blessing that they wish for that particular room.


Once everyone has said their blessing and you have gone to each room to bless, then you need to place the pink candle in the heart of your home. You will then need to open all the windows and doors on the East side of the home to invite in the air that is known for its energy.

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