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How to Clean Your Room: A Complete Guide

Everybody hates it, but it’s absolutely necessary at least once a week. It’s no riddle – it’s cleaning your room. Spare your parents or live-in partner a headache and a nervous breakdown next time they enter your place, and here are a few simple rules on how to clean your room to remember so you will get it done with no stress and hassle.

How to Clean Your Room: Getting Prepared

Of course, it’s a perfect practice to keep up a nice, orderly condition of your room every day, but with a busy schedule or – why not – just general laziness, it can be a pretty daunting mission. But if you make it to your only day off and decide to clean up, here are some tips to save your time and make the entire thing less morbid.


Get in the Mood

First, put on your favorite music and don’t let anyone disturb you either by phone or on Facebook. I’d recommend putting on headphones to keep all the distractions away. When all is set, you can start cleaning!


Get Equipped

Think of it as a little battle that requires just the right approach and weapons. Shop for the following items and make sure you are not very thrifty on these important tools to make sure you have everything in place for the entire cycle of your "adventure":

  • A good brush for sweeping the floor

  • A powerful vacuum cleaner with a range of speeds

  • Microfiber dusters

  • Washing liquids

  • Trash bags

  • Air fresheners like aroma diffusers


Get Your Plan

When starting out on a big cleaning spree, work out your ideal plan to include all the surfaces and corners of your room to be cleaned. In the following part of the article, we are going to share our strategy for how to clean your room in four easy steps while keeping track of the parts you’ve already cleaned and steadily progressing.

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