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How to Do Spiritual House Cleansing

Energy debris has mostly been related to negative thoughts, sentiments, and occurrences and stress emanating from your space. Your house walls, ceiling, objects, carpet and furniture absorb everything happening in your surroundings. The accumulation of these negative energies occurs in the corners and places that are tucked away. But don't worry; a thorough house cleansing can help you to get rid of all the negative things.

When to Have House Cleansing

Look at house cleansing as cleaning dust bunnies that have accumulated in the past. This clearance promotes neutral energy important for intuition. Once the house cleansing is done, the energy lifts, brightens and circulates easily. The execution of feng shui naturally becomes a breeze.

It is always advisable to cleanse your house immediately you experience a negative event, when you feel sad or have been attacked by fear. There are times when it would be best to do house cleansing. These include:

  • After removing clutter

  • Following an argument

  • After occupying a new living space

  • When a companion moves out

  • After a break-up or divorce

  • Following a death or an illness

  • Following the purchase of a second-hand item

  • When you desire energy to start a new project

  • To prepare for feng shui implementation

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