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How to Dress for Jury Duty When You Want to Serve Looks While Serving Verdicts

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We totally understand if you’re less than psyched to come home to a letter in the mail summoning you to jury duty. It can happen to any U.S. citizen over 18 at any time, so the good news is that you’re far from alone as you prep for the big day and all that comes with it. If it’s in your near future—whether you’re going in for the selection process or are preparing to sit on a trial—perhaps one of your first questions is how to dress for jury duty. What’s appropriate in the courtroom, and how can you bring personal style into the equation? We have you covered—keep reading for 11 jury duty outfits that will help you look and feel your best, whether you’re plotting how not to be selected or ready to embody your inner Elle Woods.

Does Jury Duty Have a Dress Code?

Depending on where you live, the dress code for jury duty varies. In some states, jeans and open-toed shoes are allowed, while others say those items are strictly prohibited. To err on the side of caution, choose something that isn’t overly casual or revealing, along the lines of what you would wear to an interview.

You’ve probably heard stories about people putting together chaotic outfits in hopes of getting out of jury duty, and that’s up to you, but we’re here to help if your goal is to integrate your personal style into courtroom-appropriate territory. Ahead, see 11 ways to dress for jury duty that are both comfortable and appropriate, so you can say “I object!” in style.

How to Dress for Jury Duty

A Shift Dress

The perfect way to look put-together in the courtroom is a classic shift dress. This timeless Italian wool check option coordinates with a matching jacket, and the resulting look is chic enough to rewear as a work outfit in the future.


A Power Suit

A power suit is a chic, classy jury duty outfit that you can’t go wrong with. Style it over a white button-down and complete the look with your favorite block pumps.


A Matching Set

A matching set adds a touch of glamour to your courtroom style. If you don’t want to wear trousers or a formal dress, a satin blouse and matching skirt is an unapologetically stylish choice. Pair with any shoe of your liking—in this case, we opted for a pair of suede ankle booties.


A Classic Dress

This easy, breezy linen dress is a comfortable and sophisticated closet staple you can style time and time again after jury duty has come and gone. If you’re unsure if a sleeveless dress is courtroom-appropriate in your state, add a knit cardigan or structured jacket on top.


A Fun Blouse and Trousers

If you’re a pants girl like me, grab your favorite pair of trousers and style them with a chic wrap top, or whatever blouse suits your fancy. You can’t go wrong with this classic ensemble, which is also a look I’d wear to dinner with friends.


A Slip Dress and Sweater

While it might not work for jury duty on its own, a slip dress is a great layering piece to wear under your favorite chunky sweater or cardigan. Keep it simple by styling the look with a pair of flats.


A Skirt and Tights

If you’re going to wear a skirt on the shorter side, a pair of tights is an easy way to keep it understated for the courtroom. A timeless collared top will pair seamlessly with your skirt and a pair of black knee-high boots.


A Pencil Skirt

If your goal is to look and feel polished for your big day in court, a pencil skirt is sure to do the trick. Keep your look muted by styling it with a matching black blazer, or pair it with a vibrant pink piece for a pop of color.


Monochromatic Styling

Channel Elle Woods in an eye-catching, monochromatic look—while her signature is pink, you can choose any color you like. This vibrant grape color screams confidence while still staying true to jury duty dress code.


A Pop of Color

While the idea of jury attire can feel limiting, you still have ways to step outside the box by adding a pop of color or fashion-forward touch to your look. Pair a vivid pencil skirt with an ivory blazer and top, and complete the look with a colorful heel.


Sweater Dress

Elevate a classic sweater dress with a chunky belt to give your outfit a more tailored feel. Accessorizing is always a good idea and can add dimension to pieces you already have in your closet.


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