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How to Get Something Notarized

Some time in your life, you may need to get a document notarized. This means that you need to get a document authenticated, verified, or certified that it is legally acceptable. This is accomplished by a notary officer or a notary public, who has gone training and certification to witness you signing some legal document. Here is where and how to get something notarized, as well as the cost of getting something notarized.

What Does It Mean to Get Something Notarized?

Sometimes a signature is not enough to show that a document is legally acceptable. Some offices or banks may require you have your document notarized, which means that a notary witnesses you actually signing the document and places a seal or stamp beside the signature to indicate that the signature is legitimate. This is important to avoid identity thefts, fraud and lawsuits.

Getting a document notarized means:

  • That you have proven to the notary who you are,

  • That you sign a document in the presence of a notary public,

  • And that you are signing the document voluntarily.

Not all documents need to be notarized. However, may institutions, such as banks, and court systems require most documents to be notarized.

The role of a Notary Public is to first verify the identity of the individual signing a document. He will also make sure that the signatory understands what the document he is signing is all about.

Getting a document notarized does NOT mean:

A notarized document signifies that the signature that appears on a document is authentic. However, the notary is not required to read or evaluate the document and to alert you about any problems contained in the document. 

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