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How to Improve Your House with New Outdoor Painting

Refresh the
exterior of the house is one of the easiest and yet most effective
ways for home improvement. The first days of the autumn are a truly
appealing moment for such an adventure, thanks to the good weather
and the sunshine that enhances the drying of the paint. The moderate
air temperature ensures a flawless effect, because it can`t neither
shrink in the coldest winter days, nor expand during the hottest days
in the summer. Pick up at least one full weekend for the outdoor
painting. There are so much things to do and to follow a specific
order that even one full weekend might be insufficient to paint a big
two- or three-storey house.

How to Improve Your House with New Outdoor Painting


Do some cleaning prior to the painting.

Inspect and
prepare all the surfaces for a further treatment, and the best way to
do it is by getting rid of dirt, molds, fallen leaves, branches and
other blemishes. Inspect the roof for debris and other objects, and
do some repairs if needed. Check out the condition of the chimneys
and the vents, as well as walls. Remove all the damaged areas of the
old paint by scrubbing with a special spatula and brush. It all
depends on the specific surface of the walls, as well as type of the
new paint. Call a builders cleaning company in advance to discuss all
the details about the disposal of waste and debris. It is recommended
to do all the steps about the cleaning in the first day of the
weekend and to go on the next step – the painting itself, on the next
day. You want to eliminate all dust and dirt, so let the clean
surfaces to overnight and dry naturally.


Protect all the windows, stairways, gutters and other areas that you don`t want to paint.

simple tapes with nylon sheets. Do this also prior to painting, which
will ensure that the screens will stay on their place with no
displaced or loosed edges. You don`t want to deal with windows
cleaning and removal of dried paints on the glass, which often
requires the help of the professional cleaners. The thorough masking
of the windows and everything else will take much more time than the
painting itself, but it`s definitely worth it. Don`t rush and take
your free time to mask every corner and edge with straight lines. Use
guiders or support structures, and prepare yourself to spend at least
one full morning only for masking. Then, clean all the waste
materials from the masking and make a final inspection of the
cleanliness of the adjacent areas in order to reduce the chance of
spreading out dust and dirt while painting.


Prime the surfaces by using a professional primer for exterior paints.

have some special qualities according to the usual interior paints,
as well as are the key for better results.


Paint the exterior.

forget to wear a mask and protective gloves because the paints have
volatile chemical compounds. Make sure that the wind is as less as
possible, which will reduce even more the chance of contaminating the
freshly painted surfaces with dirt and dust. Begin from the objects
on the rooftop and the upper areas of the walls, then, finish with
the lower ones. A great idea is to use only one color if you want to
escape from changing tapes and nylon sheets for masking between the
different colors.


Inspect the results and do some small repairs on time.

removal of the masks and some final cleaning should be next, as well
as enjoyment of the results from the home improvement.

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