How to Travel from Rome to Sorrento

Sorrento is the main portal to the island of Capri, a popular Italian resort. It is located on the western coast halfway between Rome and the lower portion of the “boot” of Italy. Capri is situated around two miles from the coast of Sorrento and is close by Amalfi, Mount Vesuvius, and Pompeii. You can get to Sorrento by car, otherwise you have to go through Naples, which is the closest main city. You have several options when trying to get from Rome to Sorrento.

Rome to Sorrento by Air

If you are thinking of travelling to Sorrento from Rome, the nearest airport is in Naples. While the Naples airport is about 30 miles north, there are several international airports in Sorrento which is about 165 miles to the south of Rome.

One of the closest airports that travels to Sorrento from Rome is Capocichino which is also known as the Naples Airport. The airport has two terminals – the first one is for flights that are departing and the second one is for charter flights and is not on the airfield. The flight from Rome to the airport is fairly quick and once there you can catch one of the bus services to complete your trip to Sorrento.

Cheap flights from Rome to Sorrento

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