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How to Trim Your Mustache Like a Pro

How to Trim Your Mustache Like a Pro

The mustache is one of those features that’s gotten a bad rap over the years, namely because the wrong style ‘stache can stick out like a sore thumb, but you can avoid all that by knowing how to keep yours in fine form. You’d think what is essentially a mini-beard would be easy to groom; however, there are a few key points to how to trim your mustache so that it blends in well with your face, both in terms of shape and length.

To get the full story on how to trim your mustache like a pro, we talked to Anthony Mink and Spencer Davis, co-founders of Live Bearded, to walk us through the entire process, from prep to perfection.

Whether you’re already sporting a mustache or considering growing one and joining the ranks of such ‘stached stars like Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Brad Pitt, and James Franco, our guide to how to trim your mustache will have you sorted in no time.


What You’ll Need 

  • Mustache Wax: According to Mink and Davis, no glorious mustache comes without a good wax. They recommend LiveBearded’s all-natural Mustache Wax, a versatile shaping wax that can be used to train and hold your mustache into a handlebar shape or to tame some unruly hairs. You’ll also need some wax for the grooming process.
  • Trimmer: Regardless of the length and style of mustache you’re after, you’ll need an electric beard trimmer with different guard lengths to get a precise cut.
  • Scissors: If you are looking to grow a longer style mustache—a handlebar, for instance—a pair of high-quality beard scissors is a must.
  • Comb: A good quality comb with fine teeth is essential for proper mustache maintenance.
  • Time: Mink and Davis said one of the biggest mistakes men make when trimming their mustaches is to rush the process. Set aside some time to tend to this just-as-important self-care ritual properly.

How to Trim Your Mustache 

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Comb Your Mustache

combing mustache

Start by combing your mustache downward so that all the hairs lay even. Then take your trimmers and begin trimming the middle away, little by little.

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Start to Trim


Work left and right about the width of your nose, and allow everything outside of that to remain longer. The mustache wax will train those hairs to stay out of your mouth and, over time, give you a killer style.

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Scissor Precision


When you reach the ends, use your beard scissors to even the ends out as close as you can. Apply the wax to pull all the hairs together and make one blunt, even cut across the tip matching both sides.


  • Before making any cuts, the guys recommend throwing some wax into your mustache to see what you’re working with. Like the hair on our head, a mustache can look quite different when wet or un-groomed. Keeping the wax in while you’re trimming will also aid in your precision.
  • Also, before you even touch a pair of scissors or a trimmer, you should decide what type of mustache you’re after. If it’s a longer, handlebar-type style, you’ll only want to trim the hairs in the middle of your lip to allow the hair on the outside areas to grow long or curl up.

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