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How to Wear Lipstick Nails According to the Manicurist Who Made Them

Lipstick Nails

Instagram is busy incubating a new beauty trend. This time, it’s a nail trend, though it doesn’t have anything to do with a specific shade (Selena Gomez’s neon peach is a continual fave) or a specific design (minimalist nail art still reigns supreme). It has to do with a specific nail shape called “lipstick nails,” because of the way each nail resembles a brand new bullet of lipstick.

The driving force behind the lipstick nail shape is Park Eunkyung, the creative mastermind behind the wildly popular Instagram account @nail_unistella. “I’ve been keeping my nails short for a long time but recently I started loving longer nails,” she says. “The reason why I couldn’t keep my nails long, even though I love the way it looks, was because they didn’t feel comfortable to me. As I was working at a photoshoot for cat eye-shaped sunglasses, I thought it would be interesting to shape my nails into that shape and gave it a try. It turned out like a lipstick shape, so I did it on my nails immediately.” No matter what side of the love-hate line you fall on, it’s easy to see why this new shape is causing a stir, and why we think it’s set to become a full-fledged beauty trend.

Keep scrolling to see the best lipstick nail designs that just may inspire to you jump on the bandwagon.

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Iridescent Minimalism

Lipstick nails with white marble design

Here, this nail artist created a super futuristic-looking manicure by combining a dramatic lipstick shape with holographic polish and minimalist nail art. It reminds us of something we might have seen in Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, and we mean that in the best way.

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Neon Tips

Lipstick shaped nails with white base and neon green tips

We also love this lipstick-shaped manicure Park did, in which she combined neutral and neon polish into one harmonious design. It’s a wearable way to experiment with bold color.

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