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How to Wear White Jeans and the Best Pairs to Buy

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I’m a fan of many denim varieties, and as we approach the warmer months, I’m finally rotating my white denim to the front of my drawer. I own two pairs of white denim because the perfect pair is somewhat specific—thick enough, so the denim isn’t transparent, little to no stretch so that it doesn’t pull in the wrong places, and no visible lined pockets. The hunt for white jeans is worth it as they’re a warm-weather outfit essential. And so, I scoured the internet for the best pairs.

Learn the best ways to wear white jeans all year long, ahead.


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Opt for 100% Cotton

Fabric is undoubtedly an essential factor when choosing out a pair of white denim. I suggest going for jeans that are made from 100% cotton and have minimal stretch. Usually, you’ll see the words “elastane” or “poly,” both of which I typically steer away from (very low percentages of either are fine). This is mainly because stretch often results in uneven thickness in some areas of the denim. They tend to start looking like white leggings if you go too stretchy. But if you want a pair that offers a bit more comfort, size up or go for a “relaxed” style.

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Choose a Well-Fitted Pair

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White jeans can act as a highlighter for your butt explains Conroy. In order to highlight your best assets, she recommends, “Choosing a well fitted pair that nips and tucks in the right areas means you’ll escape a fashion fail. Swing the pendulum towards high-waisted, skinny white jeans and you’ll achieve a seamless look.”

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Consider The Rise

With white denim, I prefer a pair with a high-rise. But if you’re going for the baggy look, low waist jeans can look very cool.

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Look for Clean Hems

Ultimately, I prefer white denim to have a finished hem. If you happen to find a pair you love with an unfinished hem, it is quite affordable to have them hemmed by a tailor. If you want a clean, crisp style, look for a pair of trouser jeans.

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Do a Light Test

White jeans can potentially be see-through, so Conroy recommends doing a light test. “Wear your denim in high and low lit rooms to ensure your white gems aren’t see through. If they are, switch to a pair with a more weighted fabric to avoid a panty-gate,” she explains.

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Hold the Rips

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Try to steer away from pairs with distressing. I’m all for distressed blue jeans but prefer my white jeans to be crisp and simple. If you distress them from natural wear and tear, that’s super cool, though.

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Pick Your Look

With white denim, you’re either going for a super crisp full-length trouser, high-rise non-stretch classic, or a low-rise cool look. So, pick your fit and wear it with a button-down shirt, tank, tee, or bikini top for the duration of the season.

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Carry a Tide Pen

One of the biggest problems with wearing white jeans is the high-chance for spills. Conroy recommends keeping a Tide Pen (or an equivalent) in your bag whenever you decide to rock your white denim. “With a mini Tide To Go pen tucked away in your purse, a blob of marinara sauce or other vibrant stain is no sweat. Practice this pro fashion move and you’ll freely enjoy wearing your jeans without the anxiety,” she explains.

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