I Just Tried on the Best Petite Autumn Buys—Here’s What’s Actually Worth It

Amongst the women in my family, we’ve always believed in the power of the change-room boogie. You know, the inadvertent reaction you have when trying on clothes at a store and finally finding a piece that fits *just* right, inevitably leading to a quick shimmy in front of the change-room mirror to whatever pop song is playing over the loudspeaker.

Okay, maybe it’s just us? But I’m sure everyone can relate to the exciting feeling of putting on an item of clothing that instantly fits like a glove. As a petite woman, I have to say it’s a rarity. There’s usually a skirt hem dragging on the floor or a trouser leg that requires rolling up whenever I’m trying on clothes. That is why this month, I set out to find some petite-specific items that warrant a change-room boogie (or in my case, an at-home happy dance), and below, you’ll find 10 pieces that I think deserve your attention. These items have been created specifically with women 5’4” and under in mind. And in terms of perfect proportions, you can definitely tell the difference. 

If you’re on the lookout for a new dress, timeless skirt or trendy pair jeans, keep scrolling for 10 petite-specific items I am loving right now.

Reformation Petites Bea Skirt

Best Petite Autumn Buys: Reformation Petite Skirt



Style Notes: Reformation is easily one of my favourite places to shop as a petite woman. The brand has a wide range of options and creates the kind of contemporary, trend-led designs I actually want to wear. This skirt is a great example of that. The style is classic, but the pattern is modern, and obviously, the length sits exactly where you want it to. It’s the kind of item you’ll wear again and again and again.

Reformation Petites Bea Skirt
Petites Bea Skirt
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Topshop Petite Satin Mini Tea Dress

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