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I Tried Every Glitter Lipstick Out There—These Are the 4 Best

I remember my first time like it was yesterday: I was in my car, driving to the Hollywood farmer’s market to buy fresh eggs and dragon fruit. An email came through with no subject line—just a link to Instagram. I clicked on it, and there they were: lips glittering under a softly lit filter. Yes, it was my first time watching a Pat McGrath glitter lip video. Her delicate brush spackling shimmer onto brightly colored lips like she was re-patching drywall was mesmeric, and something I could watch on repeat thousands of times like my own little strange addiction.

Glittery pouts have since been a staple in runway shows and editorial shoots. However, the traditional application is not as easy or clean as it seems. The first time I tried it was also my last. After lip liner and liquid lipstick, I used a liquid primer on a lip brush to apply the loose glitter. The glitter was all over me at this point, but none of it was on my lips. After I reapplied, chunks of glitter were on my teeth, scraping the already thin enamel off of my chompers.

I gave up trying to achieve the glitter lip trend at-home, and left it to the pros. I still loved watching videos of glitter lips and hoped I could someday achieve the trend with less of the mess.

This holiday season, my prayers have been answered.

While Pat McGrath is still the master of mesmerizing glitter application videos in my eyes, brands have made it so you too can achieve the same (or similar) look at home. It’s sure to make any New Year celebration more festive, kissable, and a lot less gritty.

I tried all of the glitter lipsticks out there, and these 4 are the best – hands down.

glitter lipstick

Tanya Akim

Nars Disco Dust Lipstick

First of all, I’m obsessed with Nars’ entire limited edition collection inspired by Studio 54 glamour (seriously, get it while you still can), but I’m particularly hoarding the Disco Dust lipsticks. I love the shade “Bianca” because Bianca Jagger is one of my beauty and skin idols. Before going out, she would put her makeup on, and then get into a hot bath so that her powders and creams would blend in with the heat of her face. Hands up for the original form of makeup baking.

This lipstick glides on so effortlessly and has the perfect amount of wearable sparkle and sheen; it’s like wearing sequins on your lips. Not to mention, lipsticks with magnetic components get my love all day. These babies are staying with me long after the holidays are over.

tanya akim

Tanya Akim

Tom Ford Lip Spark

I can’t think of a time that Tom Ford Beauty disappointed me. The Lip Spark comes in 12 incredible colors and the bullet is so beautiful, it makes me hesitant to even apply it and disturb its picture-perfectness. “Powertrip” is a powerful pink that’s just right for a maximalist like me. It’s bright and shimmery, but not overbearing. If bold lips scare you, try this with simple makeup and perfectly groomed brows. You’ll be amazed.

glitter lipstick

Chantecaille Lip Cristal

This holiday 2019 collection is gorgeous, and environmentally friendly: for each Lip Cristal sale, Chantecaille is planting a tree in Kenya through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to further their efforts in the fight against climate change.

Chantecaille is one of my favorite brands for beautiful, luminous skin, so it’s exciting to see them put out a fun product such as this one. The finish of the lipstick is more gilded than glittery, like a gorgeous Venetian fresco. I love the shade “Carnelian” for fun red moment.


Tanya Akim

Gucci Glitter Lipstick

Gucci Beauty says the only makeup you really need on a Saturday night is glitter lipstick, and I think they’re right. These limited-edition lipsticks are like all the ones mentioned above: too pretty to touch. The formula is perfect for those of you who want vibrant color with a subtle, striking sheen, as opposed to overt sparkles. It’s not gritty as one might think looking at the spangled bullet.

The lipstick is super hydrating yet doesn’t easily transfer, which is a difficult pairing to achieve. Plus, there’s truly nothing prettier than the art-deco etching of Gucci lipsticks’ packaging; it always catches people’s eyes when I take it out of my clutch. You’ll be hearing, “Oh my god, what is that?” all night, and you’ll love it.

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