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I Tried the Italian “Glassy Blush” That Keeps Selling Out, and Now I’m Obsessed


Having worked in the beauty industry for over 14 years, there are few things that truly surprise me anymore. On the one hand, that seems quite melancholy, but on the other, it means that when I do find something surprising, well, it’s jaw-dropping.

Such was the case with Espressoh’s Glassy Blush (€23, around $27), a light, jelly-like, whipped up, froth of a product that is translucent in the pot, but as soon as it touches your skin it mingles with your natural pH to create a blush hue that suits you beautifully. See below (before I blended!).

Glassy blush

The glassy name was given because it creates a glass-like sheen on the skin that, in one quick dance of your fingertips across your cheeks, fakes a healthy flush and gorgeous dewy complexion that is often only found at the bottom of expensive skincare jars and a love of the great outdoors.

Glassy Blush

The Glassy Blush suits all skin tones. So, it should be of zero surprise that Espressoh can’t keep Glassy Blush in stock. The brand is Italian, founded by a former product developer Chiara Cascella, and the concept for Espressoh was inspired by coffee and a bold Italian attitude. Women, these days, want simple and fast makeup, and Espressoh delivers. “The link with an espresso shot was immediate,” states the website, “essential, simple, easy yet so powerful, and Italian of course.”

Glassy blush
Espressoh Glassy Blush $27.00

Currently, the product offering is small but pretty perfectly formed, and the brand has affordable shipping options to the rest of Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Lipstick Aroma (€19, around $22) comes in 9 shades, smells like coffee, is packed with coffee arabica seed oil to nourish lips whilst imparting a bold shot of color.

Intenso Mascara (€22, around $26) adds instant drama to lashes. The addition of caffeine nourishes and energizes your lashes, while the trip of carnauba wax, rice wax, and beeswax create a nourishing texture that’s buildable, flexible, and doesn’t leave lashes crunchy and stiff.

There is also The ABC Concealer (€23, around $27). Now, at first look, the 2-shade offering looks pretty meek, but the videos on both shade pages, show that the universal shades truly suit a wide range of skin tones.

But, while the lipstick, mascara, and concealer are all solid products, it’s the Glassy Blush that has the “wow” factor for me.

Check out my before and after below to see the complexion-boosting effect of this wonder blush.


Shop the rest of the Espressoh line-up below…

Intenso Mascara
Espressoh Intenso Mascara $26.00
Espressoh Lipstick Aroma $22.00
The ABC Concealer
Espressoh The ABC Concealer $27.00

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