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J.Lo’s Sunshine Nails Are the Manicure Equivalent of a Summer Friday

Jennifer Lopez in a while dress

If you’re looking for a celeb to pin down as “nail goals,” you’ll have a fine time following Jennifer Lopez’s lead. The multi-hyphenate is always switching up her manicures, oscillating between intricate looks like ocean nails and more approachable nude rich girl nails. J.Lo likes to match her manicures to the seasons, and her latest sunshine nails are basically all of our summer goals wrapped up in one manicure.

On May 31, J.Lo posted a video to Instagram with her crafted-cocktail brand, Delola, showcasing her product, the Paloma Rosa Spritz. With citrus fruits props and a warm-toned veil over the video, J.Lo’s kitchen looks like pure sunshine as she pours herself a refreshing drink. She wears a pale pink halter top with billowed off-the-shoulder sleeves cinched at the cuffs, a yellow floral motif, and a rosette at the center of the neckline. She paired the look with pink drop earrings and a sunshine manicure.


J.Lo’s sunshine nails sit at a medium-length almond shape and feature a creamy yellow shade. While yellow manicures have fallen to the wayside in recent years, this summer there has been a revival of the color everywhere, from fashion’s tomato girl trend to the lemonade manicure. J.Lo’s nails are similar to the lemonade mani in that they’re still bright but have a bit of haziness, like a frosted ice-cold glass.

Jennifer Lopez wearing sunshine nails


Yellow manicures just make sense during the blazing summer months—but yellow nail polish has its caveats. “Yellow is one of the hardest colors to apply,” celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt previously told Byrdie. Yellow nail polish is notorious for streaking, thus creating an uneven finish—but Ganzorigt has the perfect trick up her sleeve. “Using a white base before applying the yellow will make a big difference,” she says.

To recreate J.Lo’s sunshine manicure, first prep the nails by pushing the cuticles back, filing and buffing your nails to your preferred shape, and then applying a base coat and one coat of white nail polish. After that, apply two coats of bright and creamy yellow nail polish like the Manicurist Green Natural Nail Polish in Mimosa ($14). Finally, seal the entire look with a high-shine top coat. There isn’t a better manicure to welcome in the hazy, sunny season ahead.


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